Friday, September 3, 2010

Poetry & Flowers

 Flowers are
quite a fun topic to write
poems on for me it's the
easiest and most beautiful thing
so all together that helps me to
make a lovely poem.So for the next
few days that will be my topic.
Suggestions on poem's blog posts
are still open to those who have
some idea's just  write a comment saying the topic then write why
you think it would make a nice post then finally send it.If you have
any tips on making poetry please tell.

Pansies & Morning Glories 
Pansies make you feel so warm
Make you cool before a storm
Violet yellow red and blue
Gazing at it's beautiful hue.

Morning Glories smile about
Make you want to sing and shout
To show so much grace
And stay in there place.
                                      -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


  1. I'm still holding out a request for one poem per chapter of the book of Romans. You can start with Chapter one and say something about: Jesus Christ being of the seed of David and also declared to be son of God. The God-Man. You could say something about not being ashamed of the gospel, and how it is the power of God unto salvation. You could say how everyone has the knowledge of God imprinted within them somehow - God has made it manifest in them and has showed it to them. Also how all of creation evidences a creator - how invisible things of him are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made - SO THAT THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE. Then maybe you could really write a few verses on how they are without excuse, excuse of what, and the consquent of that. And what we should learn from that. The challenge has been made can you do it? you might add something like: Every blade of grass is singing out "there is a God worship Him." or the wind blowing thru the trees making known that GOD IS - Worship Him, or even the earth worm doing his thing beneath the soil teaching us that GOD IS worship Him. All the wonderful symbiotic relations within creation crying out with one voice - GOD IS WOrship HIM. Plus the incredible design, the amazing perfection declaring a perfect creator of INFINITE WISDOM - THIS GOD IS WORSHIP HIM.

  2. Scott I will write on that
    when I finish my next post.
    -Poem Girl

  3. Thanks I'm really looking forward to it.