Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laphter for the Mind

Today's post really isn't a poem it's just
a special treat that was inspired by
"Those Three Guys "it's a blog that was
just recently started   I'm not much of a cartoonist
so I'm just going to do a picture of some kittens
that stayed with me during the winter the grey
ones name it creamy grey the black ones name
is midnight I had the privlage of taking care of then
then the poor things went on there way as soon as spring hit
anyway I'll do a little pet talk hehehe Comedy is always good.

Midnight: Hey whatch'a doin

Creamy Grey: nothin whatch'a doing

Midnight: I'm admiring this cardboard box

Creamy Grey: really I'm  Thinking
about that new blog those three guys

Midnight: This cardboard is fascinating

Creamy Grey: What is it silky

Midnight: no it's fuzzy like cotton

Creamy Grey: Get your head in gear lets go talk to Tiger.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


  1. Hey, Poem Girl! Tell Midnight and Creamy Gray "thanks" for visiting Those Three Guys. Perhaps they can come visit! Wouldn't that be a hoot!


  2. Yeah I bet they'd love you if they
    drop by I'll tell them to visit you
    sometime oh and if they see you first
    tell me if they've grown since they've last
    visited bye.
    -Poem Girl