Friday, September 10, 2010

Romans 2

Continuing on Romans
today we are in Romans
two I hope you enjoy it.
So with greatest pleasure
here it is.

Romans 2
The law condemns
We are so sinful
It treats us the opposite of a gem
It calls us shameful.

The law is there 
Tells us we must do it perfectly
But there is no ability here.

God shows us we need him
There is hope still
The law condemns but we have our hymn
Your apart of Gods will.
                                            -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

1 comment:

  1. Poem Girl,

    Below is some notes I made previously on Romans Chapter three - maybe they will provide you with some ideas.

    IN Chapter Three, the case against us having already been made , yet there is more. We hear an argument from Holy Scriptures written long before the book of Romans. “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one.” A number of scriptures are cited, humbling us, showing us our hopeless state without remedy in ourselves. Some of which are:
    Psa 14:1-3, Psa 53:1-3, Psa 5:9, Psa 140:3, Psa 10:7, Isa 59:7-8, Psa 36:1

    The charges are numerous, our own inability plainly stated: “None that understands,” “none that seeks after God,” Everyone unprofitable, no one doing GOOD. My Throat like an open grave is a man-eater. (note: I said “my” not “their” for the difficulty for me is to see my own place in this dreadful list, to see these holy charges falling upon me, but they do if I attempt to stand on my own person, ability and goodness.) My tongue has used deceit, and the deadly poison of an asp is under my lips. Mouth full of cursing - (too well do I know that truth.) Destruction and misery in my way. Not knowing the way of peace with my wife, my fellow, my friend, and especially MY GOD. The one true cause of all the previously mentioned is summed all up in the greatest of all sins, “There is no fear of God before my eyes.” Had I feared God aright, my entire passion would be for him, my thoughts always running to him, I would have diligently read His book, prayed without ceasing, this Holy Fear would have flavored my every action. Fear that doesn’t cower but cries out “who do I have in heaven but thee and there is none upon earth that I desire besides thee.” Not the fear of cowardice but the Holy fear that COMES to God.