Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Romans 1

Today I'm writing on Romans one
 of my readers  has made a suggestion
so for the next few posts I'll be writing
poems on Romans.I hope you like this series
on Romans 1-4 later I will continue this series
and go through 5-8 I hope my readers find it
amusing and quite interesting so to all my readers here it is.

Romans 1
God  is so wonderful
So we're without excuse
We have no cause to grumble
He shows his love to choose.

Every blade of grass cries out
Every  petal on a flower
How can there be a cause for doubt
He makes the past and future.

Let me make this clear we're without excuse
The final call to let you know what he's all about
You must understand he put us in Golden shoes
Now the poems almost done let us sing and shout.
                                                          -Poem Girl
Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


  1. That's pretty good, poem girl. Thanks. I especially like the phrase "golden shoes" it makes wonder what you mean exactly - which is probably one of the great things poetry does when it makes us think. I'm wondering if the words refer to the idea that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." Or our feet themselves could be thought of as "golden shoes." Or lastly could it be referring to the marvel of the creation he has placed us in where we can walk and observe with amazement the awesome works of his hand. I kind of like the first one best but all three could be implied within the one phrase.

  2. Hey Poem Girl, when you get ready for Romans 2 - here is some thoughts I wrote previously that might help:

    And if we would know that GOD IS we should live in obedience to him. IF we have within us some knowledge of right and wrong, a sense of RULE that must be obeyed we know also that it must be obeyed perfectly in all its parts. Rom 2:13 it is not the hearers but the DOERS of the Law that are justified or declared right by and with GOD.

    Which leads of course, because none can perfectly keep the law, to the conclusion that "THE LAW CONDEMNS." The law tells us very well what is required of us - what we must do - but it does not give us the ability to do it.

    Here is a great poem that we learned before that reminds me of ROMANS 2:

    Run, John, Run, the Law commands
    But gives me neither feet nor hands
    Far Better news the Gospel Brings
    It bids me Fly and gives me wings

    Check out this post for more ideas on Romans 2:

  3. Scott I was referring
    to the the second because
    of my subject I found it
    more appropriate
    -Poem Girl