Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making Lace.

this is a picture of a woman making
lace this picture was taken at fort Atkinson's
living presentation so was the inspiration  for
this post.Her pattern was very particular  so
I'm not going to teach you how to make the
simpler one I learned make mostly because 
it would be easier to show you anyway
I hope you enjoy the poem and other pictures
taken at fort Atkinson.

Making Lace
Lots of strings lots of lace
Started at a very slow pace
Could be silky could be simple
Designs  so frail please be careful.

Lace that's special lace that's fine
Must be careful not to mess up the line
Must always show delicate skill
To make a very graceful frill.
                                             -Poem Girl

 there's a story with this on the soldiers were supposed
to be stealing the table.they were doing some sort of play.

This woman is making butter she uses the fat in cream
to make butter milk.Fun Fact she made the butter with nothing
but whipping  cream.

 Goodbye for now
 Poem Girl.


  1. Very good poem. Reminds me of a very good day and the very nice lady who took the time to show you how to make lace.

  2. Lace-making is one craft I never tried. Would like to do that, though.

    We used to make butter when we were growing up on the farm. Just put cream into a bowl and whipped it until the butter fat separated from the buttermilk.

    You can make it yourself...if you whip your whipping cream toooooooo long! lol