Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pegasus for S.

Okay so me and Growly have finally completed S.'s second request...also if you follow my other blog "The Artistic Writer" than you can skip this post because it's virtually the same :) 

*Hers* {Growly}
NAME: Emberwing
TYPE: Caelestis (rare)
SKILL: Warrior

GENDER: Female
NAME: Lorelei 
TYPE:  Cloudsdale 
(In the Clydesdale family of horses, slightly stockier, don't fly for long periods of time and make their homes in hidden fields far away from roadsides and populated villages and towns.)
SKILL:  Unknown 

What are your idea's? What would your Pegasus be like? This'll kinda be like Storyteller's Dragonmaster Linkup. So you can make up a story to go along with it if you like (COOL PEGASUS STORY LINKUP) ....and if you guys do this send me the link and I'll....maybe make my own little story


  1. Cool! I love the pictures! :) I'm reading a book of Norse mythology and the Pegasus' look like they'd fit right in!

  2. :) oh, is that why you wanted us to draw one :D we had a lot of fun!