Friday, February 8, 2013

Cathrine Likes to Know Her Companions

Chapter 13
Ariella's Tale 

"My true name is....Arillia Lorelai."
I opened my mouth to comment but she held up her hand. "I know that's the name of the princess, please let me finish. As I was saying my name is Arillia Lorelai and I'm "not" the princess we share looks and a  name and that's all, however the real princess of Bren went missing and the guards began to scour the country at the time I hadn't known that we looked alike or had the same name (we were a very isolated farm family) anyways they found our farm and accused my parents of kidnapping me, I tried to tell them I was no princess and I belonged here but they didn't listen to me...they shipped my parents to Perlusha and I was sent to the castle I didn't like it they were certain I was suffering from memory loss and tried to teach me to be like the real princess, that was four years ago. Finally I met a Lord named Blades (I doubt that was his real name) he taught me to use daggers and was like an uncle to me I told him my story and he believed it. He helped me to escape."

I nodded solemnly. "So if they were to find you now, with us?"

"They would probably assume you had kidnapped me and throw you into the deepest dungeons...honestly they're so rash!"

"You would know." I said quietly.

"So you see, I must go to Perlusha and find my parents and then together we can find the princess and prove they're innocent.

"By the way you make it sound...perhaps the princess ran away and does not wish to be found, then how will you get her to come back?"

"We will consider that when the time comes if necessary."

I saw that she was set firm upon this notion and I knew she would go to great lengths to prove her parents innocence I only hoped that in doing so she wouldn't do anything to harm her own reputation. "So when you told me that a Lord gave you the daggers and horse, you were telling the truth?"

She nodded "Yes."

I turned to Rolic. "And you, how did you know about her?"

He shrugged "I've been to the palace once or twice and seen her and..." he stopped for a second as if pondering if he should really say this then he seemed to decide it was all right and began again. "I've seen her parents in Perlusha."

Ariella...excuse me I mean Arillia looked at him aghast. "You have are they well, are they okay." her eyes were hungry for information.

"Yes they were well but I don't think they're so well now times have been hard in Perlusha and I heard Fredrics men had taken them to do service for the kingdom and I'm sorry to say that means he means to make slaves of them."

Arillia wiped away a tear and got up into a determined position. "Right! Then we haven't a moment to loose, Cathrine I will help you as far as I can but then we must part ways."

"Wait!" I yelled out. "Would anyone else like to share some information about themselves?" Lissie glanced over at Rolic and he shook his head, she too said nothing; I sighed. "Well then maybe you'll open up later. Shall we be off?"

Then the guards came....

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