Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Tale to a Song ~ The Lad and the Lass

A minstrel strolls merrily down the dusty path humming a forgotten song, he stops seeing a fellow minstrel a lovely maiden with flowing black hair, she holds a harp in one hand and a flute in the other. She nods recognizing one of the same trade he nods back. They fall into step and chat awhile then they stop having agreed to play a duet she lays down her flute and grasps her harp and the other minstrel in turn pulls out his lute from it place and they begin to sing...

The Lad and the Lass
Once Upon a time long ago 
In a land all covered with snow
There lives a lad and a lass
Who were destined to change the past

Years went by and time did pass
Still nothing became of the lad and the lass
Break the rock stop the clock
The Lad and the Lass would change the past 

Still more time flew 
But change would still come fresh, anew 
For in second the clock would halt
And the memories of the present would lock in the valt

The Lad and the Lass were to change the past 
In moments soon and the change would last
Though they knew not what they're acts would do 
What will happen, the answer is up to you.

The song ends and the maiden minstrel laughs a tinkling laugh. She curtsies to him and he bows politely to her. She asks him what did happen and the lad minstrel whispers in her ear his answer she laughs again and they shake hands and once again part ways. 

So what do you think happened? 


  1. Nice poem;) Loved your Pernisia chapter!! Thanks so much for changing it. (I'm so sorry... =P)

  2. Thank you I wrote it a few weeks ago (the poem) right before the laptop um...went out of working order...anyways I liked writing it and I'm glad you liked it.
    Your Friend

  3. Hmmm... let's see. Suddenly it was as if the skies had parted and then they saw a large mechanical machine from the future come near to them. Frightened they began trying to run but it spouted orange liquids out upon them and they suddenly shriveled up into some sort of green blob and were sucked up into the machine. A deep voice was heard calling out from the machine as it began disappearing "Soon I will gather enough to take over the universe." Then the machine disappeared. You may be his next target.

    Haha. Bye.

  4. Replies
    1. Sorry if that sounded rude. That is truthfully an outstanding piece of poetry. Was just dying to turn a joke for some strange reason. You are a great poet, Sarah.

  5. Hahaha no I meant it, it was funny and it clashed so much I had to laugh when I read the comment. Thank you I try really hard though I haven't been writing even half as long as I've been drawing I really got interested in poetry after writing and Art has been my lifelong joy!
    Your Friend