Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Womens Racerback

Sevenly is selling these super cute T-shirts till the end of this week supporting the Mercy Ship's of Africa.
I follow Ali's blog, she works on the Mercy Ships you should definitely check out her blog!!!

Ali works helping to heal cleft lip, growing tumors, and dental care.

Mercy Ships is a Christian Organization bent on helping the people of Africa.

I hope I explained this well and you guys aren't all like "What is she talking about?" anyways thank you for reading this and totally go check out Ali's blog. 

And if you'd like to buy a T-shirt to support the Mercy Ships, Click here --->


  1. Those r so CUTE!!! I luv your new header:):)

  2. Thanks I had fun designing it.
    Yeah I think I might get one of those T-shirts.
    Your Friend