Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I'm entering Storyteller's Secret Story Contest over at Rubberboot Girl check it out!

Emma. Emile. James isn't your usual girl, she's the most mysterious lady in all of London; having never left her home she's built up a reputation but one day she takes a turn and decides to attend four different masquerade balls. When time comes to unmask however she declines deciding it might be best to keep herself a mystery but this fails when on the evening of the last night she is discovered without her mask on  by Charles a young man who is determined to be the one to learn her secret. She notices him and flees before he has time to stop her now that she has been seen she must leave there are to many chances of being pegged for who she is and if that happens she'll be in the deepest danger of her life.

The Authoress
Rachel Grencian, has written five books including the critically acclaimed "Amber Secrets" she lives in Madison Wisconsin, with her husband and three daughters. Rachel is currently writing the sequel to Behind the Mask. 


  1. I wish it was a real book cuz i would read it!!!:)

  2. Hey, Maybe I'll write it someday eh'
    Your Friend

  3. The cover is SOOOOOOOOOO cool! Did you take a picture?

  4. WOW! I have peeked through your blog a bit & you are so talented! Artist & Author...great combo :) Your book cover is fab! Good Luck!


  5. i just saw you might have a drawing challenge...if you do I would be happy to advertise it on Blogs By Kids for you:)