Monday, March 18, 2013

A Continuing Series With Brittney

I'm writing a continuing series with Brittney Ann unofficially called Silver Sunsets read and tell us what you think in comments.
By Sarah

Light streamed in soaking everything with the gold and silver of the setting Terabithian sun. I sighed rubbing my hands against polished marble and scuffing my cream colored slippers on the cold tiled floor. I was tired, tired of staying in one place, and tired of being stuck up here as I had been since I was a little girl leaving the ruling of our large kingdom to my older bother and his Queen Genevieve. 
Tomorrow I was being sent to a neighboring kingdom so we could "bind" our alliances, as my brother so bluntly put it. He seems not to realize that that was not exactly the escape I had wanted and I didn't like being sent as a peace package like I didn't have my own opinions, hopefully this trip would have more than it seemed to promise so that I wouldn't get bored at the very least I hoped I could get out and see the towns without someone coming to collect me (as so often happened here) 
Oh well we'd see what tomorrow would bring.

Special Note to Brittney:
for your first chapter write something about her personal life and opinions and then you can do whatever you like, it would be nice if you would place her in to neighboring Kingdom that Porsha is going too. 

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