Saturday, March 16, 2013

In Which I Talk About a Lot of Random Stuff

Hello once again, I thought I'd post another one of these since you guys seem to like them so much :) 

Thursday I (did) go shopping and it was great I'll have some pictures included on here of my cute shirt later.
also I've some news of today, future posts, and some shared gratitude :D

Yesterday I went to a really great bible study and made a new friend we sang songs laughed and chatted; it was a lot of fun and they had great food. Coming home I realized just how much God has blessed me and I feel immense gratitude to him for it all it all hit me like a storm and I'm blissfully cheerful right now listening to one of my favorite music artists in what seems like a totally different bedroom and I'm so happy, Also I love how you guys continue to read my posts, comment on them, and vote on the polls your guys are totally the best!

Today we had an awesome father daughter's bible study time! Me Liz and Mom went to a really fun baby shower and made a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a few things we couldn't get Thursday and now I'm back. All in all it was a great day!

News on the future posts, I bet you guys were curious about this. Well for awhile now I've been planning on modeling out a few of my favorite outfits and posting them on here so you guys could vote on which ones were your favorite that way I could have a plan out of clothes for future Sundays and what I like to call Mall Clothes (Casual clothes but of a kind of material you don't want to wash so much so you only wear them when you plan on going out) Also I'd like you guys to leave fashion advise on those posts so I can have idea's on accessories or just what you guys think is really cute. Now I'm not to big on these it's just nice to know the opinions and tips from your friends...Girl talk ya know.

One more thing before the pictures...I'm going to be posting some pics of my amazing pink and library themed room (we're experimenting for the room redecoration come Summer) So that's all enjoy the pictures and I'll see ya later!

 My Glowing Room (Only when the curtains are drawn and only in the daytime)
My nightstand equipped with iPod and and lamp.
  The top shelf of my growing library (Top Shelf = Favorites and minus a few I've pulled out or didn't have room for)
Where everything happens. (Minus my cute rolling desk chair you can't see)


  1. Hey there! So I was wondering about the continuing series that we are going to be writing & I was wondering when you were going to start it!?! Are you thinking soon or in a few weeks? Oh and I have a question, is there a certain direction you want me to take with the story after your first post or am I free to post whatever I like? and am I allowed to add new characters?

    Sorry for all my questions, I just wanted to be sure on what you want me to do:)

  2. I was thinking I'd write my part today actually.

    Well there are a few points you need to keep after that we can do whatever...
    The story takes place in a fictional land called Terabithia my character
    is Porsha and besides that you can add all the details and new characters you could possibly want