Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's been goin' on?

Yep this is the official cover of my random life posts, because I keep wanting to say like "Back to Reality" or "Get ready to be bombarded with my Life!" hahaha so anyways, what's been going on lately...hmmm well Internets been slow so I haven't been able to post today was the first time it actually showed promise
 (we suspect it was the weather) arrg anyways last Friday night and Saturday morning (of last week) we went to a Creation Conference (Destination Denied) it was so much fun and we got to hear a lot of different fact we had like four different sessions including a designated questions and answers sequence every thing was so need and organized they even had a timer so you'd know when they were starting again :D it was a great weekend.

On Sunday we were snowed in (kinda) and Liz made really great pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies, on Monday Liz made chocolate snickerdoodle cookies and we said farewell to our dear grandparents dog who came to pick her up after a long vacation, on Tuesday Liz made Pumpkin Custard, Wednesday well on Tuesday we didn't do hardly anything except I read a lot and dreamed about today...Oh, and also I got my Senvenly T-shirt!!!

I like it a lot and I had fun experimenting with the editing kinks with the first one on PicMonkey :D

Seems to me like we might go shopping today and we have a few fun events planned for the following days. I'm sad I couldn't get to you sooner but I was happy to see I still had all my lovely readers (friends) intact and even a new one. You guys are so awesome!

Got to go now. Hope to hear from you guys soon.