Friday, March 22, 2013

This is Awesome Storyteller!

Yep Storyteller came up with this fun thing over at Dragonmaster and I've decided to try for fun.
So here are the rules...
1. Dragonmaster's name and dragon description in detail
2.Recount a small (fake) adventure that happened that week with your dragon  also do 5-10 photos that describe your Dragonmaster (but I'm only going to do one because I'm running short of time.

My Dragonmaster's Name: Pelania
Dragon's Name: Fire-Star
Pelania's Weapon: Bow and Arrows
About Fire-Star: She's an Ember Dragon, graceful and mostly gentle but can get excited and when she does....well lets say I need to keep her calm or things catch fire and not necessarily burn but...they do tend to have a faint pink glow afterwards. 

I was tired so I didn't notice the tiny dragon creeping into my backpack that one day I was hiking with my dad we'd finally finished and dad had annouced we'd go home right after a quick rest...hmmm quick rest was enough time for a tiny dragon to sneak into my stuff and chew on my iPod hmmm. Sorry I am just amazed that within the time we returned my house my backpack had gotten heavier and heavier I finally decided to investigate so I rushed up to my room and cautiously peered into the unzipped darkness and what did I see...a chewed up iPod and big pink eyes grinning at me. "WHAH!" I tossed my backpack to the other side of the room, a faint squeak came from it and the small dragon climbed out; she was now to big for the backpack and was rapidly getting bigger. "Get out, get out, get out!"I flung open my window with one hand and with the other I reached over and scooped the dragon under my arm and I jumped....nope I didn't die I knew that the ground wasn't "that" far away so when I landed the jolt caused me to release the dragon and began spitting out little tiny flames but with each spit the flames got bigger just like the dragon. I screamed in frustration as a spark hit my shirt and it began to faintly glow. "No, no, no!" I scolded and the dragon sat down and looked up? Nope down she was to big at this point.I prodded her away from the house and into the small forest in the backyard, hopefully mom wouldn't mind that I'd accidentally brought a dragon home even though she'd warned me countless times. And then finally she stopped growing and I sighed in relief thank goodness! And that happened only two days ago now she's a permanent resedent faithful to me and way to attached, mom copes with her, dad tolerates her, but I've gathered up quite a fondness for my Fire-Star.

Please excuse the sloppiness of that story. 

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