Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Continueing Series with Brittney Ann

By Brittney

Sun shined down on my face as I looked out at the street from my bedroom window. The street was alive with horses; their hooves hitting down on the cobblestone; peasants & beggars pleading for money on the street corners, women looking at all the streets shops, and salesman yelling out all the good deals of the morning.
I sighed with exhaustion but I knew that no matter how tired I was I still have to go to work. I threw on my worn, calico dress, brushed my hair and placed a bandana on top, and then I pulled on my old shoes that were way too small and pinched my feet.
“Hosea!” I yelled to my younger brother, “I’m going to work now, won’t be back till late tonight! I got lots of work to do since the princess of Terabithia is comin’.”
“All right.” Hosea said in return.
I walked out the front door and down the four blocks to the castle. I was one of the castles maids and I was dreading a day of hard work, and each passing moment I kept on getting more nervous about the princess Porsha coming to our kingdom- Nopelia, because just yesterday I was informed that I am to be Porsha’s personal maid!
“ Oh, I hope she is a nice girl unlike all the other snobby princesses I have encountered!” I said wrinkling my nose.

 by Sarah 
I glanced out the gold rimmed window of my carriage and thought once again how much I hated being escorted "in style" so that my brother could satisfy his need to impress the royals of Nopelia but at least the ride was only a week give a few days and we were almost there now thank goodness!

We'd made it and I was being escorted to my room, I asked to be left alone and luckily nobody asked why they just said they'd come and get me when the king called, I nodded and as soon they were gone I burrowed into my bag and pulled out my disguise; a servants dress and a headscarf so no one would see my face. I intended to know every inch of this place and the kind of people it had before the king called....I always felt I was born into the wrong lineage I always wanted to be a commoner, to be  a commoner would mean to be common and common people didn't have to go to balls and parties and dress up in stiff silk gowns and stay in the palace doing nothing but stitching and lute playing, stitching and lute playing and an occasional spout of silly poetry about a princess being rescued by a prince was expected too
for it seemed fashionable princesses nowadays were the ones who were brainless and incompetent, why if anyone ever caught me reading they'd have the book taken away, and if I was caught riding "unladylike" as they put it the horse was taken away from me, now I'm not a feminist but I don't like being treated like a doll and not a person!

I glanced back into the room...if they'd only treat me less like a princess. I sighed and climbed out the window.

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