Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coming Up Dry and Getting Wet Again

Sometimes you come up dry, you feel like God's grace is all sapped up, he's gone and left you to your helpless sinful state and you see no light at the end of the tunnel. Desperately you search for a reason why God has deserted you and then you wonder about what kind of Christian you are and your mind is jumbled and all you can do is cry and pray. 

Now this post isn't going to tell you how to come out of that state because in all honesty only God can provide the help you need, this post is to encourage you to show you that he's there and he "hasn't" deserted you, if you're a Christian he will never leave you. Sometimes dry times are what God uses to strengthen your faith and I've been going through some of that myself but I know that despite the hopelessness of my situation God will be there to shine a light in the dark and with Gods grace that light will get brighter as I study more in his word and he gives more understanding and this grace can come from anything God is Great!

I like this verse from John Mark McMillian's How He Loves

Yep well put, so when God brings us out of dryness and drowns us in a pool of his grace we come out of that dryness with more love and appreciation for him than ever before!

Dad, if you have anything you want to add please do! You're better at explaining this stuff than me.

Enjoy the Song and I'll see you guys later :) 

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  1. Listening to the song as I comment here. I like it. Agree with what you wrote. If we are indeed believers then from God's word, we learn that we are called into a relationship with the creator of the whole universe. We are in union with Christ. Joined to him. The enjoyment of this union or relationship is called communion with God, Fellowship with God. The lively sense and enjoyment of this relationship is subject to change. Sometimes we are more keenly aware of the love and fellowship of God sometimes less so. But the union we have never changes, we are bought by the Blood of Jesus. We have been given by the Father to the Son. We are in Christ. But sometimes because of laziness on our part, because we do not pursue Christ, we do not pray, we do not read, we do not meditate, we take for granted this relationship we begin to feel dry, he begins to seem distant. We can't remember so well what the heat of love between our God and us felt like. The dryness causes us to fear and pray and cry out for our saviour. We seek him, we call to him. And then when we find him, we HOLD on to Him and we WILL not let him go. The dryness was used of the Lord to strengthen our faith, to strengthen our relationship. IT seems all the sweeter for the time of dryness. And by grace we count our communion more precious, we continue our fellowship for fear of his withdrawing again. Sometimes through no neglect on our part, God may still seem distant, and this to he uses to teach us to seek him, and run after him. Very good article, let us be careful to keep Christ close. We have a beautiful life in Christ to live and enjoy let us not waste it on things of no value but count Jesus as that pearl of great price and give up all to have him. He is worth it.