Friday, March 29, 2013

Hmmm what to say....

How about this for the greater part of yesterday I was trying to get this video to come up on my blog but I've given up on it for now until the Internets improved...yeah *smirk* you're going to have to wait awhile.
Anyways lets make this a da da dummmmmmmmmm
A My Life Post!  
(yeah I was going to put a picture there but the internet's that bad)

Okay so instead of telling you all the boring stuff I did I'll just tell you the exciting stuff that happened and a few eagerly waited for coming events down my way. Let's see um, I made more plans for the redecoration of my room, my mom shortened my way to long curtains and we had some fun shopping time also we got to do a really awesome Thursday Movie Morning yesterday (it's where us girls and dad wake up at six and watch like an Answers in Genesis, How they made the New Testament, or other cool movie only on Thursday mornings 
Oh, yeah and we got to go visit my brother Josh and his lovely wife Kristen at there house for my mom's birthday it  was definitely a great time! I recently got into colorful watercolor painting (which you probably know by now) and I've been doodling a lot honestly mom's sure I'm going to grow up to be a writer who illustrates her own works. Anyways upcoming stuff...well tonight's Good Friday service and this Saturday's another Bible Study with Dad, Sunday's Easter, and upcoming Friday not this one next one we have a chocked day planned consisting on going to a play put on by some close friends (I love Drama maybe I can do it sometime) and then later in the day we're going to a Bible Study put on by some other friends all in all I think we've got great things coming! 

I thank God for the great parents, friends, and family I have....I just had to add that :D

Sarah. P.G

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