Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In which Rolic has a Conversation with Ani

Chapter 18
Rolic Reveals a Little

I managed to pick up the thing Cathrine had dropped before that girl.. Lissie's sister did, she raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything as she walked away and I was escorted to my doom, excuse me, I mean room by the manservant. He urged me to hurry in getting clean and ready for dinner...honestly I don't know why he wanted me to hurry so since by the time I was done Cathrine was still "getting ready" in her room so when I went down to the dining room the only one seated was Ani, who appeared to be reading as she had a small book poised daintily in one hand slowly she lowered it and smiled happily. "Awww Rolic! I should have recognized you the moment I laid eyes on you...where have you been who is this Cathrine?" 

"I'm sorry, all that is strictly confidential." 

She slapped her book down on her lap and scowled at me. "I don't know why I bother honestly! Every time I try to ask you something you veer away with some petty excuse why I don't even know your last name and speaking of which when you were staying with us you didn't specify which family you were from?" 

I rolled my eyes. "Correction I didn't tell you." 

She looked about ready to boil over. "Why, why didn't you tell me why did you tell Lissie all about yourself." 

I sighed. "I hardly told her anything  you know she was hardly as choice companion but the way she threw herself at me with questions and pestering is was impossible not to tell her some things and luckily she has managed to keep her mouth shut and I think Ariella has helped to humble her at least a little."


"A...a sort of um...friend of Cathrines." 

Ani's eyes narrowed. "Not yours?" 

"No...I don't trust her." 


"Aw, stop pelting me with questions you're as bad as Lissie." 

"Excuse me! I wouldn't have to ask you if you'd just talk to me...I'm half convinced you're a spy for Fredric!"

"What do you care about Fredric, he puts the food on your tables and keeps your pockets stuffed with money!" 

"Stop it! I know Fredic is a fiend and sooner or later when he gains enough power he'll stop paying us not to work and he'll have us as slaves as much as the others, only my parent's are too blind to see it, and you're avoiding the question!" 

"Please quiet will you." I replied in now very hushed tones. 

She did quiet but posed her question again. "Are you a spy for Fredic?" 


"I thought so, you don't need to tell me anything." She shook her head and slouched in her seat painful accusation in her eyes. 

"Ani let me explain." 

"If you want to make up some lie, feed it to your master not to me." 

"Ani I'm not a spy." 

"Then why the shying away." 

"I told you everything about this is confidential." 

"Do you deny at least being associated with Fredric?" 


"Hmm...what about this Cathrine is she with him?" 

"Of course not! Cathrine really is royalty...she's the rightful heir to this land." 

Ani's eyes widened. "And Fredric wants her?" 


"So why are you with her?" 

"Because I'm her protector." 

"Bodyguard or guard?" She pressed. 

I narrowed my eyes. "Protector I don't plan on delivering her to Fredric."

She put her hand to her head. "Honestly who are you getting your orders from Rolic...it seems your playing both ends to the middle."

"Maybe I am." I replied solemnly. 

"Hmph...if what you say is true and Cathrine really is the Princess than you'd better be true to your word and make sure she's placed on the throne where she belongs and don't you dare double cross her or...I'll have someone after you faster than you can say Traitor...I'm not as simple minded as my sister I know trouble when I see it." 

Just then Cathrine entered the room, Ani gave me one final look of warning and returned to her reading. Cathrine was wearing a long trailing gown that seemed to make her glow with radiance and she was smiling cheerfully. "I have news from Ariella she was able to get away from her father and his band and she'll be reuniting with us here very soon."

I raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything except to pay her new appearance a compliment and then Lissie's mother walked in...

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