Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Um....that's randon

I drempt I'd create 
A well loved story
But my dog, she ate
My dreams and my glory 

You see she 
Didn't like that 
It distracted me
And I considered getting a cat

My dog, she ate my homework one day,
And then she chewed my laptop
I can only growl and say
I'd rather have it chewed then not

My dog, she smiles 
As if she mocks
And all the whiles 
She's stealing my socks

Now this is all in good fun oh,
it's a jest
I've never met a dog quite so
Glutenous and Grotesque

Sorry random thing...just needed to write something different for a change lol.
See ya.


  1. Hilarious! Like really, no sarcasm. I really liked it:)


  2. Funny and spot on truth!

    Great start to the day, with a belly-laugh.