Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 Random Just Wonderings, 1 story, and 1 Continueing series with Britt

I thought of these while messing around on the computer and so I put them together to show on this post.

My Dad wrote this go check it out! Story

And now the continuing  series with Brittney!!!

I woke to the loud sound that came from the market’s street. Throwing my covers off the bed; I ran to my window and looked out at the scene that was taking place in the street.
A big cart was tipped over on its side and a man was talking loud and angrily holding on to a young boy by his shirt.
“What were you thinking?” The man said loudly, by now the whole marketplace had stopped to see what all of the commotion was about, “ you got in the way of my cart, and now look what has happened!”
“I… I… I didn’t mean to get in the way…” The young boy replied.
My eyes turned to a sudden movement beside the upturned cart; a girl around my age stood up and then quickly staggered out into a nearby ally.
“She looks hurt,” I whispered to myself, and then I threw on my old robe and tight slippers and went out in search of the wounded girl.
Once I reached the ally where the girl had disappeared I heard a noise from in front of me. I scrunched my eyes up for I could see in the dark ally. I looked at a girl holding her side in pain trying not to cry.
“Are you all right?” I asked.
The girl twirled around in surprise, “I…um… I’m fine.” She stammered.
“Can I help you?” I asked.
“No,” she said, “The cart just fell on me is all; the boy pushed me to protect himself and to put the blame on me, but I got away.”
“Oh, dear!” I said in alarm, “Let me help you get home.” I said reaching out to her.
“No!” she yelled, “please don’t!”
“But…I” I stood and looked at the girl more closely, “wait!?!” I said in shock, “I know you!”
Standing before me was the new princess from Terabithia!

By Sarah 

"You're the Terabithian princess!" The girl exclaimed excitedly.

"Shush! Don't let everyone known it would ruin everything!" I shook my head vehemently to emphasize. I studied her and finally recognized her as the girl who was to be my ladies maid in the palace...the girl I had so hard tried to avoid. "Please listen....I don't want to be a princess I never did, this is the only time I ever get to be treated like everyone else the only time I can really enjoy myself; so please don't hinder me I don't want a maid strapped to me like a ball and chain."

I pulled my hood back over my head  and she patted my shoulder. "I get it...you're secret's safe with me and well I have to be your maid but...we don't have to treat it like that."

I looked down at her curiously. "How else could we treat it then?"

"Oh, I don't know." The girl smiled. "Maybe like hmm...like friends, that is if a princess can be friends with a commoner."

"I don't care if she can or can't I like the idea."

"And I could show you around the city!" She continued anxiously. "I could tell people you're my cousin since the king isn't likely to let you out of the palace they'll never know your real identity only what am I to call  you?"

"How about Scarlet." I said growing eager the prospect of an alter ego.

"Good my cousin Scarlet Wilcox. Wonderful. Excellent!"

"Oh, if we're to go on like this I must know you're name."

"My name is Janna and I..." Then she stopped, her eyes widened and her face suddenly went white. "I....forgot." She shuffled her feet and looked behind and ahead of her. "The king called for you hours ago and you never came they have guards all over the city looking for you if we don't get your back soon... chaos could ensue and you'll never be able to escape from the palace again....we...we must get you back!"

I nodded my consent and we scurried away back to my prison or in other words the palace.

Hope you all liked that. Write to you later.


  1. did you ever get the part I sent you?

  2. Yeah, sorry about that...I started to write the next part and then I sort of forgot about it, after that when I remembered it I realized it was probably way at the bottom of my drafts so I put it off a little longer but never fear I shall have my part finished and published in no time :D
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