Friday, April 19, 2013

:D I'm back again!

 I was going to do a tag post but I changed my mind since I thought you'd like a different kind of post, like a treat of a post to make up for the lack of posts I've had on here (which was unavoidable I assure you)

So here's three poems with the promise that I'll have more interesting stuff later if the internet is still accessible.

 Sunny Days
My favorite days are sunny days
Because those days are hot
And when they are I'm never cold
 Except when I am not.
Dream, Dream
Dream, dream little dove 
I know that you are tired
You've traveled such a long way
And done what you conspired.
Pop the Top
I have often popped the top
When my tea boiled over 
Mum would Tsk and I would cry
When I burnt the clover.
Okay that's all please comment and tell me which one you liked best oh, and one more thing, if I had a 
"write your own poetry" contest would any of you enter? 




  1. You were awarded on my blog, hello little birdy!! Go here for more information:

  2. Great poems. I would definitely enter!! Plus, I might be able to convince my older brother to enter too, albeit he doesn't have a blog:P


  3. Cool I'll definitely consider it!

    By the way I responded to your other comment too but so you don't have to go
    check it out here it is.

    "I'd normally recommend Cathrine Weatherbane, but I'm juggling a lot of people right now, So I'd recommend The Wandering Forest Princess because she's new and is due to have another chapter soon what do you think?"


    1. Ok, I'd LOVE to do The Wandering Forest Princess. Thanks so much:)