Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Leslie Fargo

A rhyming story for you...

Once Upon a Time long ago,
There lived a girl
Named Leslie Fargo.

Her eyes were sharp and her senses keen 
Anyone who could,
 Outwit her was yet to be seen.

One day she traveled away from her home
To explore and discover
The things in the unknown.

 She went to France to converse with professors
On topics that they,
Couldn't understand nor their predecessors.

They had to admit with reluctance unwavering 
That they the proclaimed smartest, 
Had been outsmarted by what they considered an ignorant youngling.

So they set out to prove one of her statements wrong
Yet all that they accomplished,
Was to make what she said all the more strong. 

How silly they felt then, how utterly ridiculous, oh!
That in the end
Even they couldn't outwit that Leslie Fargo!



  1. Ha!ha! That was really good =) You really have a gift for writing poems!=)

  2. Oh, what was it that she said?

    Fun read!

  3. She was talking about Creationism
    Your Daughter