Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In Which I Become a Princess!

An Introduction To the Ariella Corden Series
(I should have posted this on the first post please accept  my apologies)

I beg you please to listen now
As I share with you a story
Of Adventure, Intrigue, and Renown
Shining in its glory

No actually I leave you to deicide
For I have yet to know
My own opinion of this tale
Of which is there still much to sew

Our Heroine is much puzzled
As to how she travels through time
She has only a 1 clue
To help her keep her mind

Now let us begin and lay forth the structure
For the plot to build upon
And you can share your thoughts in comments
Write now you say why I’m already gone.

December 5’th 2012
The Tiny in Tears and the Tall in Terror Part 1  

Okay so I know that’s not that best version of younger and older but it’s the best I had to work with. So yesterday I had another crazy adventure in old England that nearly scared me out of my wits it went thus so.

It started normally as every day had except this time I confined myself to my room to ponder everything that had happened and also to try and decode the mysterious hint Marisiella had given me, but mainly to avoid time traveling again she was so very strange and I seriously doubt she was actually even from the 1600’s. Soon I tired of it and opened my journal to maybe read some old entries but yeah I think it may actually have something to do with the time travel because instantly I was plunged into the RLL (For now on that’s what I’m calling the Rainbow Liquid Light) I would’ve stomped my foot it there had been any form of solid ground beneath me but alas there was not “alas?” I seriously think that this time travel it taking hold on me oh, dear. I closed my eyes before the chill descended and then I was there I rushed over to a turrent window and looked out. I saw miles and miles of stone paved road and beyond that mountains there were tons of shabby looking buildings as well as lovely beautiful ones. At that same moment a woman walking into the room and quietly closed it behind her. 

“How is her highness this lovely morning?” asked a pretty little maid.

“Just fine um…”

“Mildred Mistress. Do you not remember me?” I shook my head.

“No it’s just I suppose I’m still a little groggy”

“That’s understandable your highness you had a very long night.” I gave her a grateful look and turned back to the window.

“Elisabeth love, is everything all right?” I turned again and saw not the maid but a beautiful older woman before me.”

“Oh, yes. Where did Mildred go?”

“Mildred darling, who is Mildred I’ve been here these past few hours, but I saw you seemed to droop a second and then you turned to the window?”

“I um…what?”

“Really love you oughtn’t to say um so much it’s very unbecoming for one of your birth”  

“My birth?” The lady looked at me in wonderment aghast and said..

“You’re princess of England dear.”

“Oh, yes, sorry I’m just tired I guess.”

The next time I sign in you’ll understand the reason for the title but…for now be content with this. Until next time.

 Note: This Elisabeth has no relation to any of the actual Princess Elizabeth’s or any other Princesses of England.


  1. I'm really lovin' the new Ariella time watch picture thing. :) What would be the correct term for it?

  2. Time Travel Signature.
    Your Sis