Monday, December 24, 2012

Maria Penn

Hello, Hello it's me Winter and I've got another part of my story Ice Skating Dreamers for you!

Ice Skating Dreamers ~ Maria 
Before I write my little part of this story I'll give a sort of summary of me like Marissa did okay...okay.

My Other Skill Besides Skating: is writing poetry and stories but I also like to edit stuff

I Live in: A slightly large home with a living room with large windows that looks onto a little lake. I live here with my two siblings and parents

My Favorite Food: is Italian pasta's 

My Favorite Place:  The huge old fashioned library in the center of town (they have so many good books!) 

Now onto my part of this story...

I tightened the strings of my skates as me and the rest of girls stepped out onto the ice instantly Karina announced that she'd signed us up for the town skating contest, I smiled and skated out to the center of the lake laughing out "Marissa is sure to win." but Marissa didn't look so eager in fact she looked like she wanted to get out of it, but after much convincing it was settles that we'd all be in it and try our hardest and whether we won or not wouldn't matter we'd make this a fun event not just a contest to get all competitive.
I rubbed my cold rosy cheeks as I thought about how talented the other girls were I knew I was probably the least talented of all of us but I was going to practice anyways.

The day seemed to speed by and I thought forever about the skating contest but I couldn't think all day about it because we all needed to get back home and wrap the rest of the presents we'd gotten for family and friends and I needed to prepare for the Christmas program we were putting on over at my house (it had been agreed that the girls would spend Christmas with me cause all they're families were way out of town and we'd all decided at the last minute to do a Christmas program for my parents and sisters Ana and Larisa)
anyways I had to get home so I said my goodbyes and rushed off towards home.

With a Merry Christmas Eve I Bid You All Ado.


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