Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Mystery Persons

Okay so as promised here's your Mystery sample. It's Funny though because it's the only one you readers haven't seen and it's winning in the polls hmm.

 The Mystery Persons sample (2012 Mystery)

Olivia Gracen was a girl longing for adventure. She had three older brothers, Elijah, Nick, and David and two younger sisters Amy and Angie. This was her mystery and her biggest adventure.

She was going through some old letters one day when suddenly she exclaimed….

 "What’s this?!" she pulled out a faded brown, dusty piece of paper that was bunched up underneath the drawer. It seemed to be written by a typewriter. This is what it said:

To My Dearest Daughter,

Hey there! How's my little Ladybug doing today
I'm sorry I missed your birthday but I still haven't located Crow(The Black Man) and who knows how long it'll be before I do...he's evaded me so many times I've lost count oh, but what does he matter. What matters is I've missed your birthday so I'm sending you some sheet music Charles wrote please play it 
and think of us.

Your Father
Quentin Malloy
Your Uncle
Charles Malloy

Olivia searched a little more. She found another letter and a sort of list.

The Letter said thus:

To: Crow
From: X

I’ve got the GEEL girl I’m leaving this note here as we disguised discussed. This may get Quentin to do what we want.
No he can’t refuse us now we’ve got his precious daughter I’ve added her to the leest list. I’m bringing our other… shall we say persons of interest but the other two I’m still not sure of.


Now burning with curiosity she scanned the list…




Yamilla Temille?




Nicolas Steele?

She didn't understand. Who were these people? She knew there had been a Quentin living here before he was a sort of researcher or something like that and had his daughter taken care of by a nurse, but the caretaker had said that they just moved.

Was this… a mystery?

Rememer we still have room for more 40's/50's entries. Also those who haven't already voted in the polls at the bottom of this blog please do.

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