Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Book Review

The Last Dragon
Yorshkrunsquarkljolnerstrink or Yorsh for short, escapes his flooding elf camp at the last minute. Poor little Yorsh is on his own his feet are wet and he's very hungry also there's always the chance of being eaten by a Human with rosemary. 

 A little elf named Yorsh who along with a two humans a woman named Sajra and a man named Monser travel to seek out the last dragon, that they may find away to stop the horrible flooding in the land.

Main Characters: 
Yorsh the elf, Sajra, Monser, Robi, Erbrow the dragon, and our villian judge administrator of Deligar and surrounding districts or as Yorsh puts it JudgeadministratorofDeligarandsurroundingdistricts (which is not as nice a name as Yorshkrunsquarkljolnerstrink but still a nice name) *smiles*

Down Points: 
There's only a few of these and not really worth mentioning

The Last Dragon is a two part story, the first part takes place when Yorsh is very very young (like maybe three or four?) he say's all kinds of cute things and gets Sajra and Monser in all kinds of sticky situations and then gets them out again. In the second part Yorsh is older working to train his new dragon Erbrow to fly so that he can go out and seek his old friends Sajra and Monser and invite them to help him fulfill his next quest.

Overall Opinion: 
A wonderful book well worth the read!

Tell me what you thought of this review...will you read this book?

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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah it is this book is one of my favorites
      I liked it so much I asked for it for Christmas
      and got it even Lizzy likes it (she's my super awesome
      older sister)
      Your Friend
      Poem Girl

    2. Cool. :) I don't know if I'm "allowed" (=P) to ask, but is Ani your sister, too? (I thought she was...) (it's way okay if you don't want to answer. lol I wouldn't answer it. =P I was just wondering..... you know.... weird little me.....)

    3. Yeah she's my super awesome younger sister
      she's so creative and awesome!
      Your Friend
      Poem Girl

  2. I think I'm going to read that book today! :D

    1. Okay so you borrowed the book from
      me finished your other two now all ya have
      to do it read it and tell me what ya think of
      it I'm sure you'll love it!
      Your Sis
      Poem Girl

  3. Hehehe, hearing that quick bit of humor brought me back. Wish I could read it for the first time again. A very nice smiling sort of book. :) Plus some sweet laughs. ; D. Lizard

  4. Yeah I know what you mean I've read it three times now!
    Your Sis