Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chatty Catty

This is my new page which can be found under my header right after "Wanna be Interviewed", if any of you are interested in having a conversation with one of my book gals about anything at all then you should come over and have a look oh, and if you want to chat with Rolic that's fine too I'm sure he'd be happy to talk.

If you have any modern or time travel related stuff I recommend you speak with Ariella as she's the only one who's living in the present...well at least most of the time.

I'd like to remind those who haven't entered my "Cathrine Weatherbane" and "Traveling Red Umbrella Girl" cover contest that it's not to late to enter and a reminder of the winners prize (in case you didn't know or just forgot) is it's a spot in one of my stories you choose your name and a quick background and you'll pop up shortly remember the due date is this coming Tuesday so if you're interested in entering click on this link

Thanks for reading

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