Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cathrine Doesn't Like Betrayers

Finally we get to meet our second main character again! Bet ya didn't see him popping up again did'ja?
Chapter 7

I couldn't believe that little betrayer would dare to show his face outside of our village, I was seriously peeved here and I thought I might just chase him down and get some answers! Which is exactly what I did.

Thinking back I probably should have snuck up on him it would have produced more favorable results as it was though he heard my rapidly approaching footsteps (should say foot flies) and when he saw my face 
he turned tail and ran as fast as his betraying feet could carry him. He slipped into a narrow alley and I lost some distance trying to angle myself from a straight line to curved however my eyes never left him and strangely when he reached the widest part of the alley he made one more turn and stopped it was weird I knew he knew I'd seen him so why had he stopped?

I turned into his corner so I could ask, but immediately he covered my mouth and dragged me right against the wall. "Let go of me you little scamp!" I yelled at him angrily getting my mouth free from his grasp and jabbed my elbow into his gut to which he let go of me and heaved large heavy breaths clutching his chest in pain. "N-no some...someones coming please be... be quiet." he wheezed trying to grab me again.

"No!" I shouted at him. "Why should I?! What are you hiding?"

He pointed a shaky finger towards a few big guys who I recognized as being my former captives. the boy put him finger to his lips and motioned for me to get my back, back against the wall to which I of course did. When the men had disappeared again the boy began to speak, "My name is Rolic and I didn't want to betray you but they threatened me mum and sisters me father is dead and I'm supposed take care of them."

"But they paid you  I saw it, threatened people don't get paid?"

"Yes and I suppose that's why they did so's I couldn't rat them out, they could say I was an accomplice and I'd get taken with them scoundrels and then who'd take care of me family?"  the tanned boy Rolic shuffled his feet nervously. "You aren't going to, to turn me in are you?"

"No...no I won't. Do you know anything else?"

He looked at me seriously and grinned. "Plenty."

"Then Rolic we are friends, now explain."


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    1. Thank you I have very high expectations for my first
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    1. I plan on it this stories going to get really exciting real fast :D