Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chapter 6 CW Doesn't Like this Knickname

Note: The Name of the Country is Bren the name of the town in this chapter is Lancaster

Chapter 6
The Betrayer 

I rubbed Newinta behind the ears she neighed contentedly, we'd been riding since sun rise and it was already the afternoon, only Sweets showed signs of weariness I supposed it was because of all the flounces in Lissies huge dress. She had insisted on wearing it though it was hardly proper traveling clothes and I had even borrowed a dress from my aunt as to Ariella well her clothes were quite suited to adventuring she assured me it was what she wanted to do the reason she'd left the farm in fact. 

I decided we should take a break for Sweets sake, Lissie consented immediately and Ariella slightly lessquickly and while we were unsaddling the horses she was constantly glancing at the road longingly. Why does Ariella want to leave Bren so much anyways? I wondered as I took my place on the soft grass.

We breaked for half an hour before I called us out to ride again only Lissie complained that she hadn't had a long enough rest. 

Finally we made it to our first town the town of Lancaster or The Town of Clay as it had come to be known since they made so much with the Matter. My eyes darted around I could feel a familiar and unpleasant presence near I whirled was him! The betrayer!


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