Saturday, January 19, 2013

List of Cathrine Weatherbane Characters Thus Far

Main Characters
Cathrine: The main character who's annoyed with all the mysteries surrounding her companions, life, and the country she was born in. She's very kind but often times to curious for her own good which gets her into trouble multiple times.

Rolic: He's the second main character and is a mystery to everyone but Lissie who somehow knows him. Rolic tries to be funny and humorous to prevent questions he'd rather not answer, he's skilled with a sword and shield but prefers not to use them unless completely necessary.

Other Main Characters
Ariella: The dark haired, dark skinned farm girl whom Cathrine suspects of being a thief.
Ariella is outgoing and mysterious she tells very little about herself but seems interested in the stories of her fellow travelers, a great listener and adores her Arabian horse Jotsies. 

Lissie: The kidnapped daughter of a Lord in Perlusha  who knows more about Rolic than she lets on. She comes off as being a selfish rude person, but isn't really she's just very nervous and homesick.

The Villain
Fredric: The cold selfish Regent of Perlusha who assumed responsibility of the country when the King and Queen disappeared. He's a cruel man who cares for nothing other than gold and power. Rolic calls him "His Richness"

The Villains Cronies 
The Serpants: A gang of big and burly men, who do Fredric's dirty work. They keep in contact through a snake pendant close to there necks to which Fredric sends messages.

The Protectors: Seemingly the countries royal guard, protectors of the people, but in truth they're Fredrics tax men, slave collectors, and spies.

Other Characters
Anastasia: Cathrine's mother who is leaving clues so that her daughter may find her.

Amelia Gerome (Nana): The woman who raised Cathrine elderly and kind, she thinks of Cathrine as a daughter.

Aunt Prune: Cathrine's great aunt, who lives a secluded life deep in a forest in Bren. She's generous and helpful to those who get lost.

Gran-ma: A woman living in Perlusha who takes care of her second daughters children. She fears for her granddaughter and plans on taking her to her eldest daughter, Cathrine's mom.

Rainy: A little girl who lives with "Gran-ma" her mother was taken away when she was a baby and now her brother, The Protectors want to take her away as well but she knows they won't because Gran-ma is taking her to her aunt.

Puddles: Currently we know very little about this boy. He was taken away from his little sister and Gran-ma to who knows where. He's Rainy's brother, Gran-ma's grandson, Anastasia's nephew, and Cathrine's cousin.

That's everyone I think, let me know if I missed anybody.
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