Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cathrine Weatherbane Chapter 5!

Chapter 5
Horses and Sleep
I smiled brilliantly at my gorgeous white  horse dappled with black she turned her lovely back eyes to me and whinnied out to me I walked up slowly to her and held out my hand she bent down her beautiful neck and sniffed it patiently. 

"Her name is Newinta." I turned round and glanced at my aunt.

"It's a lovely name."

"Yes I thought so. She's the filly of Farsiege who was a great war horse and her mother was a gentle mare named Flora who had another filly a short time later we named Sweets because she was just a gentle and sweet as her mum." Prune nodded towards the brown mare that Lissie was eying nervously. 

"Sh-she won't kick me will she?" Lissie stammered backing away slowly.

"No, no she's a good un' we call her Sweets because of her gentle behavior." 

"Are...are you sure it's not because she sometimes goes sour." 

"No miss Lissie that'd be Dorabelle and we keep her locked in the stables."

"Miss. Prune why have you suddenly begun speaking so poorly?"

"Suddenly? Dear I'm not sure what you mean?"

"Forget it nevermind."

I felt a light tap on my shoulder and I turned round and gasped for there stood Ariella and a very tall very majestic White Arabian "I'd like you to meet my faithful companion Jotsies he's an excellent horse even for his size." 

"He's....well he's stunning! Ariella how did you come by him." 

She shrugged. "Even a farm girl has connections."

I didn't exactly believe her at this and I don't know maybe something in my face alerted her of this and she hastily made of something...at least I think she made it up she might not have.

"I was given him from...a wealthy friend  whom my father was good friends with."

I shrugged and turned round towards my aunt again."I thank you for everything but we shouls probably be off."

"No, no dear I can't allow you to leave quite yet get some rest and you can be off in the morn."

I sighed. "Okay."

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