Friday, January 4, 2013

In Which I Get to Learn About Marisiella [Part 1]

To: The Readers
From: Ariella Corden 

Time was steadily crawling backwards, I stared through the bluish liquid clocks that materialized from  everywhere "This is weird," I thought, "and it's never been like this before?" The clocks ticked loudly in my ears and it was giving me a headache. "Oh please," I begged, "please just go away I'm so tired." Nevertheless the clocks continued to go on...and on and on the longest this part of my time travel had ever lasted. "Goodness how far back am I going!" I exclaimed angrily to myself I turned to the biggest clock that was approaching me and punched it, it shattered like glass flying everywhere I closed my eyes to protect them from the shards and all at once it was over. "Thank you God." I whispered looking heavenward. I looked all around me. Little children in shabby clothing were running in the streets adults were discussing politics on there porches and the atmosphere reminded me of an old western, come to think of it my dress made me think of that too.

This most resembles the dress I wore.

The place very much reminded me of my first time travel trip and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same place. I couldn't believe it but that fact made me feel a little more at home than all the other times I'd been to and I was even excited at just the thought of exploring every nook and cranny of this cute little western town.
And then...

Until Next Time

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