Friday, January 11, 2013

Dreamyness Continued

Today I feel almost as dreamy as yesterday only I suppose in a different way; today I would very much like to be in a place like the picture above with a lovely tree swing...but I don't know any places like this in the middle of the snow melty muddy ground that is the weather right now, aw well I'll be able to do all kinds of things like that with my sisters come spring maybe we'll even try for another picnic.

More news for today we've got two new polls at the bottom of the blog for you to vote in I highly recommend you to vote in the new design look poll as I need to know very soon thanks you.
On other topics we've got... well nothing I suppose it slipped my mind.

A few questions, Do you think I use to many of these (...)
also I'd like to know what the best blogging setting would be for you.
 Challenge, I just thought this would be fun for a few of my readers so I thought I'd give it a go
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Make up your best form of classic formal (you can pick pictures from your favorite online stores or use Pintrest or Google images whatever you prefer) and post it on your blog than paste the link  in comments I'll announce my favorite next Friday so put it on your calendars :) I'd like at least three entries but like always I'll be pleased with at least one.

As always all comments and votes are appreciated
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