Sunday, January 6, 2013

Did You Think I Was Done With These?

Chapter 4
Riddles Answer, Final Explanations, and Parting Gifts

“Got what?” asked my aunt.

“I figured it out! When she said “my darling dear” she didn’t mean me she meant deer as in the animal and also she did leave a clue when she said “Another clue shall help you now though I must admit it is cold.” She meant like winter! Lissie  is there any forest called Winter, and is there a place that the deer particularly like to flock”

“Well there’s Winter forest but no one calls it that anymore because it no longer snows much we call it Misty Glade now. And the deer are everywhere but I have heard tell that there’s one tree in the direct middle with a deer carved into the bark”

 “then that’s it! Come on there’s not a moment to spare!”  “Um… sorry I mean I must be off at once”

“No you’re staying I’ve more to tell you and you’ve much to tell me and it shall be dark soon no you can’t leave yet”

“You mentioned a proposition earlier. What did you mean?”

“I would like you to escort Lissie here, along with Ariella who has already agreed; back to her palace in Perlusha. It would be a good opportunity for you to research your past. What do you say?”

I grinned brightly and shrugged my shoulders “Why not I’ll be heading that way anyways, and as long as she’s okay with stopping at the Misty Glade on way then of course I help escort her.”
Lissie nodded “very well.” She looked at my aunt.

“You may go.”

Lissie looked annoyed “It wasn’t that!” and trudged away shaking her head, and I pitied her she probably couldn’t help being rude.

After explaining the long tale of the events that had happened I beseeched my aunt to tell my Amelia what had happened and where I had gone, and she agreed but did show some displeasure at my deceitfulness to the poor girl.

“Before you go you must accept the few gifts I may give so that your journey might be made easier.”

I hesitated before nodding; what could she possibly give me?

She disappeared into a room for a few moments and then quickly came back into the room with… a potato sack? From it she pulled a slim well carves and polished bow “From my younger years” she said as she handed it to me along with a quiver brimming with arrows, then she placed an elegant looking short sword in Ariella’s tan hands.
“I understand you are rather good with these?”

“Daggers actually” was her short replied accepting the blade. You could see she much preferred it.

“Don’t unsheathe it unless necessary.”

Lastly she gave us a small sack of food and a few copper coins.

“Use them wisely for I cannot give a farthing more”

I took them gratefully murmuring thanks.

“The horses are in the stables Ariella will take your there.” she looked to see if Lissie was watching then carefully bent over to my ear and whispered “Save the brown mare for Lissie. She’s the only horse that wouldn’t spook that girl.” I grinned and nodded following Ariella out the big oak door”

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