Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meanwhile in Perlusha

Chapter 10
Fredric and the people of Perlusha
a big man entered the castle throne room and kneeled to the tall figure in black who was seated there.
"My Lord  Regent, we were unable to apprehend  her." the man mumbled shakily.

Fredric bore his blazing eyes angrily into his servant. "I see, you were unable to capture one little girl and bring her to me. I must say I'm disappointed in you, you shall receive your punishment directly. Now go." the man was dragged away fear etched in his eyes. 
"You!" Fredric yelled towards one of his attendants. "Fetch me Zane I need someone more trained to handle this...shall we say delicate matter." he grinned evilly and the attendant scampered quickly away. 
We leave Fredric making plans for the apprehension of one Cathrine and her mother Anastasia.
Now we move to another part of Perlusha a poorer unprotected, dirty place. We enter a small broken down home where an old woman stands hunched over a crying child.
"Oh, please quiet up darling or the protectors with hear you and be angry."
The little girl ceased to cry and wiped the tears from her dirty face. "But, but gran-ma they took Puddles." 

Tears were now streaming into the old woman's eyes and she fought to keep them in. "I know dear, but I'm sure they won't hurt your brother." 

"But gran-ma." She whimpered. "They said they were coming back for me." 
The old woman held the child close and the tears dripped down her cheeks. "They won't take you heart, because we won't be here when they come back." She flung away the sorrow and prodded the child to stand. "Get your things Rainy we need to leave quickly."

Rainy looked up at her gran-ma and asked, "where are we going."

The old woman glanced at the locket around the little girls neck and answered, "To your aunt Anastacia she's in danger too but she's in hiding so it's safer with her than here." 

Rainy smiled a little bit. "Will Puddles be there?"

"No child, but we might be able to get him back soon."

She nodded and rushed off to collect her things (which wasn't a great many) 

The old woman looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes. "Please let this work. That little girl doesn't need and more trouble."


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