Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Updates :)

Hey Guys, here I am with more updates for you :) 
these will be abstract updates meaning they'll be small, random and fun for me to write :) 

We recently watched Chitty Bang Bang which is one of my all time favorite movies movies and one I'd hadn't seen since I was 10 and that was sooo long ago *sigh* memories, Me and Liz had fun reminiscing about our favorite parts and were surprised to find that we shared a favorite among the songs, the song being, "Doll on a Music Box" "scene posted below"
v-------        V          ------v

Yesterday I ordered my 'iPod Touch, after some searching my brother recommended a very nice refurbished one :) thanks Josh. 

And also yesterday I finished my entry to me and Samantha's latest challenge :) 
we were doing Mermaids next is elves I believe (The Lord of the Rings Kind) 
(Guys if you have a challenge for me and Samantha to do next please put it in comments and I'll post both mine and hers on here and also on The Artistic Writer, noting who challenged us)

I used another of Mark Crilley's tutorial videos to do this mermaid and than personalized her :) 

And today I was designing the wallpaper for my iPod :) 

I had a lot of fun I made a bunch of others but I figured I'd just show one :) 
(I can make you guys some too if you want) 

Aaaand here's a special Challies post that got me thinking about how much I 'Humblebrag'

That's all guys please drop me a comment and let me know what you think and how you've all been doing it's been awhile since I had a good chat with you guys :)


  1. Hi Sarah!
    I've never seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but I've heard it's good (maybe watch on my bday...).
    Your drawings are so awesome!! I love that mermaid one :) My drawings are, really lame. Y'know, circle heads and no noses, perfectly 2 dimensional. :P
    Cute wallpaper!
    Ps. I love your design!!

    1. Yeah Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was like one of my absolute favorites as a kid and I still love it.
      Thanks, I really love to draw, I can tell you practice makes a huge impact on your art, I've been drawing since I was wee one that is largely do to my mom who was always encouraging us to, "Keep at it" even though I was convinced I'd never get better I still loved it :) I'm glad I kept going why just comparing two years of art I could see a huge difference. So if you like drawing keep at it you can only get better :D

      This was actually the first time I ever tried to make a wallpaper I'm glad you like it :)

      I like my blog design too, Anna (Storyteller) designed the header and button for me and I just worked the colored and background around it.

      Thanks for commenting Christina you're the sweetest :D
      Your Friend

  2. I used to be so scared of that scene with the children kidnapper in "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang"! :) I love the picture, the hands are so detailed and it's just cute! You just get better and better! :) You could do a dragon fighting a knight, or just a dragon; or a flying horse! :)

    1. I know that guy always creeped me out, we used to own the movie on VHS but then we got rid of it because we didn't need video since DVDs were so much better...we didn't replace it so now we watch it on Netflix :) but I still want to own it.

      Thank you hands are something I don't like to mess up.

      Sounds exciting we'll give it a whirl next! :)

      Your Friend