Monday, October 28, 2013


Hello everyone, here I am again bringing you another post because of course I have to write when the weather's like this! (it's so gorgeous out!) and I'm all fall leaves and brisk breeze XD 

Yep the fall is quite obvious right now, and as I'm feeling particularly nice right now I've decided to follow the string of bloggers and write a "Currently" post :) kind of like what Kelli Taylor of Blimey Cow does, so without further ado!


Listening to: 
Lost and Found by Tessa Rose Jackson 

The eighth book of the Rangers Apprentice series

About stories and art options (since me and Samantha are going to do the knight fighting a dragon drawing I need to figure out the movements)

The quietness of having the house to myself 

For sisters to get back (I miss the noise now) 

Why the dogs haven't been going crazy (because they always go crazy when Liz and Ani are gone)

Wanting to Read:
Crazy Busy, Wordsmithy

Pumpkin spiced latte's and pies 

Crazy adventurous stuff! (my dreams are very enjoyable of late)

My lovely friends who have been so encouraging in their comments :) (thanks guys)

Sweaters, pants, and carmel colored boots boots.

Annnnd that's all for now be assured I have more interesting posts coming later I think I need more poetry, stories, and creativity on here so let's see if it can be acquired shall we?


  1. That picture reminds me of the movie "Epic"! :) Lovely!

  2. Lovely painting! Really love the leaves:) I love fall so much... so beautiful. <3 How're you liking the Ranger's Apprentice series? :)

  3. thanks so much Anna :) I love fall too.
    I love the series :D I have to agree with you on that one point and then there's also those few times I feel like Will is in danger too much or not involved enough in the story (like in book 8) but otherwise I'm enjoying it :) I found out our library only has 9 books though :\
    Thanks for writing :)
    Your Friend