Monday, October 7, 2013

Tirz - Music

Hey guys today we have some poetry from my friend a young poet, Tirz. She's going to send me some of her poems and I'm going to post them on here for her :) 

What is this sound,
That I have found?
This beautiful melody,
Of perfect harmony.
It is music!

Whether a deep drum,
Or a calm harp strum.
Whether a bird that sings,
Or violin strings.
It is music!

What is this the stars sing all day,
And the whales hum in the ocean bay.
Perhaps a huge orchestra?
Something with almost no flaw.
It is music!

All the music in the world is like a symphony.
I could listen to it for an eternity.
It can pull you into a musical dream,
And like a whole new world it will seem.
It is music!

It can go up and down.
It can make you smile and frown
It can go on and on and on,
And never seem to be gone.
It is music!

There are thousands of tunes.
Every time music starts, it blooms.
It even comes from the crickets that chirp.
Whatever the  happy sound is, it gives us a jolly, new perk.
It is music!

It is merry and bright.
Sometimes it seems to shed a kind and warm light.
It cheers us up lots of times,
With it's cheery chimes.
It is music!

I love to listen to it,
Whether I lay or sit.
It can be peaceful.
It can be graceful.
It is music!


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