Monday, December 2, 2013

Just Something :)

(Picture by me)

So yep just me with another post for you. 
Soooo not much is up of late, just kidding somethings always up but I just don't always feel like posting about it, lets just leave it at I had a very very fun and fantastic Thanksgiving filled with skits, songs, and cousin times :) Love my cousins!

I know I said  was going to do a Thanksgiving post last week but I just didn't know how to put to words all the wonderful things I'm thankful for, (I did try) so don't think I wasn't serious, haha sometimes even I'm at a loss for words...okay a lot of times.

You can kinda look at this post as a late messy what I'm thankful for post.

 So last Sunday at a bridal shower I was reunited with a cousin I hadn't seen in years she's awesome and we were talking like the years had only been a few months she's awesome, and I found out we have much in common, so we decided to get each others email address so as to keep in contact :) I'm so thankful I got to meet her again as well. 

Ani's been practicing a lot and recently she's taken up learning Once Upon a December, let me tell you I'm so glad she is I love that song and she plays it really well, even if I don't play anymore I'm glad she's still playing right on I love listening to her music, haha if you're reading this Ani, Love ya and I'm glad you're my sister.

Liz has been super sweet as of late too, love chatting with you sis even if it sometimes seems like I don't (not sure why I pretend otherwise) She puts up with my silliness a lot. 

There's so much more to say as well, like I'm thankful for my little niece or nephew that'll be born soon awwwwww this first time aunt's going to really spoil and love on that little kid :D 
My super cool married siblings and their spouses,
 My super awesome encouraging parents, 
Of course you guys my faithful friends, and readers,
And my amazing Savior who's blessed me in more ways than I can say (the one who's really at the top of this list!) 
and a whole bunch of other things! But I just couldn't fit it all into this post so I guess this is it :) 

ANYWAYS, how was your thanksgiving's I got to read about a couple of them and it sounds like you guys had fun too, I just love Thanksgiving and always find myself with an abundance of things to be thankful for, God has blessed me so much :) 

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  1. Pretty picture! :) Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving! :) It's great to meet people you haven't seen for a while and be able to talk and hang out like you've never been parted! :)