Monday, November 12, 2012

My idea of a perfect picnic

 Dear Readers,
This is the post where I describe how to have the best picnic ever in a poetic book worm kinda way :)

Well me and my favorite sisters ever went down to my grandfathers old farm Saturday for what we politely called a picnic.

It wasn't a food based picnic that's for sure and we didn't even have basket we only had snacks but here's how to have the perfectly planned picnic...

Step 1
Pick your Destination
first you'll need to figure out where you're going to do it your backyard, the beach, a field, the best place is always an open space check the weather ahead of time to make sure that the place you're having your picnic at won't be like 20 degree's with breezes so cold it's like biting ice!

Step 2
Pick your stuff
Find a lovely blanket to lay your food on (ours was a floral imprint) if you're having your picnic in a field like the one above I'd suggest two blankets a think wooly one for below and a thin one for above.
Now decide what you'll keep your feast in a basket or a backpack (we used a backpack best for field picnics but it you're having a larger meal I'd suggest both)

Step 3
Pick out your Feast 
Prepare your favorite easy sandwich (I like ham with real mayonnaise and fresh lettuce)
Then a beverage (We had Snapple Peach Green Tea but you could have lemonade, sweet tea, or whatever you prefer) Fruit is essential but crackers and cheese are a good substitute :)

 Step 4
Plan your Activities
Now you'll need to keep your guests entertained you could play games, or write or whatever you think they would like (we chatted and read books to each other)

And there you have it a poetic practical picnic. Please tell me if you liked this :) and if you'd like to know how to have the perfect tea click on this link Storyteller does an excellent job of explaining.

With Kindest Regards
Poem Girl


  1. Aww, thanks, Poem Girl!! :) I LOVED your header!! :) Do you get your pictures from Pinterest? They're all so awesome! :)

    1. Dear Storyteller,
      No I get them from Google images
      it's okay to copy those.
      Your Friend

  2. Poem Girl, that sounds like the best picnic ever. Grandpa was even impressed when he discovered you all on top of that favorite hill. Grandma J

    1. Dear Grandma,
      Yeah we were pretty surprised to see him too.
      Your Granddaughter
      Poem Girl