Friday, November 30, 2012

The Daring Do Gooder Lisbeth Danielle

Here's another sample for you since Lisbeth Danielle is winning in the polls, she became our daring heroine!

           The Daring Do-Gooder Lisbeth Danielle sample (2012 Adventure)
I rushed speedily away from my pursuer but I just couldn’t get away…. What would it take to loose this guy! I knew he’d never turn tail and run as long as I had what he wanted.

“Hey you!” I yelled as loud as I could running backwards. “Catch!” I’d pulled my heavy as lead back pack from my shoulders and tossed it at him. He collapsed to ground, sputtering threats at me as I made a face at him, and disappeared round the corner. I could hear him yelling after me… “I’ll get it yet Lisbeth Danielle just you wait and when I do I’ll have my revenge!”

Yeah right he would. Villain after villain has yelled that as me but they never did. I could hear sirens in the distance and then…. No screams no protests? Did the police miss him? I just didn’t know and I couldn’t go back because…well the police didn’t exactly approve of me either, I don’t mean they’d arrest me but they would hold me for a long time saying it was for questioning but we’d both know it was because they just wanted to annoy me like I annoy them. *Grin* well who knows maybe one day they would actually manage to catch me or maybe one of those criminals would get me who knows.

Hope you all enjoyed this :)

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