Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just your average "normal" day

To: Poem Girls Awesome Readers
From: Ariella Corden
In case you didn't get the title, read my entries for today...

                                                                     November 21, 2012
                                                   Strange, Curious, and Confusing Events

Wednesday Afternoon 1:20 PM
I woke up at 7:00 precisely and ate breakfast. Pencil and paper at my side as you’d probably guessed if you noticed how much I like to write in the last entry.
Afterwards I started my school, and yet later when I was done I washed my hair.

We had Corn Chowder for lunch a particular favorite of mine but not so much of Rosy’s who mostly picked at it (she doesn’t like corn and I haven’t the faintest idea why.) I went outside for an afternoon walk, with journal held tightly under my arm. Suddenly I had a strange feeling, the wind picked up, the weather grew colder, sun disappeared, and… something else really weird happened.

Later (I don’t know the time or the year even. Explanation to follow)
Sorry I dropped journal and in all the crowds I couldn’t find it for awhile. 

I’m completely disoriented right now my brown hair suddenly turned a pale blond and I’m wearing a plain green dress with a heavy hoopskirt and white apron, my shoes are black and pinch painfully. I don’t know what happened at all but I feel all wrong and I find myself looking over my shoulder every moment expecting something ultra strange to happen to prove to me that this is all just a dream, but it’s not. This is all too real! Sorry I have to go people are eyeing me strangely and I think I’m going to find somewhere quiet were I can sort out my thoughts.

Wednesday Evening 7:40 PM
Well I…I don’t really know what happened earlier but I’m home now and I don’t really want to think about it but I know I should so here I am. I found a small wooden bench close to the edge of town where it wasn’t so crowded and sat down staring at my lap the next thing I knew I was tramping around the whole town like I was born there, but when I reached a house I came to myself again closing my eyes in an effort the block everything out and then I had that weird feeling again and when I opened my eyes I was home. Strange I just can’t figure it out it makes my head hurt I think I shall lay down a bit. More tomorrow I think.

Ariella Corden 


  1. whoaa........ that's crazy - kind of mystery going there. I like it.

    1. Hey Scott,
      Yeah I guess so.
      I've no Idea what I did
      or how I did it.
      Your Friend
      Ariella Corden

  2. Hello Piano,
    Yes, it's all quite amazing!
    I hope to maybe understand more about
    it tomorrow but chances are slim if anything
    does happen tomorrow Poem Girl's given me permission
    to post about it :D
    So I suppose I will :)
    Ariella Corden