Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Stuff

 Poem Girl: I'm going to be Winter White for now but I hope to have a special guest blogger for her soon.

Hello Dear Readers,  This is Winter, Winter White but you can call me Snow White or just Winter I have lots of other nicknames too and I'll tell you them if you want to know, but that's not really what this post is about. I thought I'd just post a story today there's going to be four of these by the way one for each character. Here's ya are...
                                                          The Ice Skating Dreamer ~ Marissa
My name is Malissa Ann, Snow and I'm an Ice Skating Dreamer Perhaps you haven't heard of us we're a small group of figure skaters veerrryyy private but we like it best that way.  We only live were it's cold year round and skate practically all day but we always find time to sit round the fire with a glass of Hot Chocolate for our Bible study :) There are four of us Maria Penn, Bella Frost, and Karina Joy besides myself of course.

Here's me :) ....

My other skill besides Skating:  is Baking I can cook all kinds of things and I usually provide the snacks and such for our get togethers.

I live in: a cozy little cottage with a lovely stone fireplace my sister Margret Rose also resides there

My Favorite Food: is French Soups (absolutely love em')

My Favorite Place: is the gazebo next to the lake we skate on

That's just about as much me as I can give I have a meeting with the girls now gotta fly.

Thank you tons for reading and I'd just love it if you left me a comment


  1. So cool! Sorry I haven't been leaving any comments lately. =P And thanks for putting up my button!! :)


    P.S. Love the new look! :)

  2. Dear Storyteller,
    Thanks I really like this girl Winter ;)
    That's okay I get it.
    Yeah Britt designed the new header for me.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl