Thursday, November 22, 2012

In which my name is Elisabeth?

To: The Readers
From: Ariella Corden
How is or was your thanksgiving mine was....well mine was strange, weird and actually didn't take place in 2012. Anyways here is how I spent my Thanksgiving.

       Time Travel and Turkey

Morning 8:00 AM
It happened again I woke up this morning when someone started calling out a name in my ear “Elisabeth, Elisabeth wake up dear” I opened my eyes instinctively though I never usually do especially when someone else’s name is called
“Huh? Mom?” I sat up, the woman looked down at me and frowned.

 “Elisabeth aren’t you awake yet? The men folk will be back from hunting soon and we’ll have to start cooking.”

“Cooking” I said questionably.

“Yes cooking. Elisabeth please collect yourself, there’s much to do.”

I sat up suddenly, startling her.

“What year is it!”

“Elisabeth are you feeling all right?”

“Yes of course but what year is it”

“1621 now get up we have pies to back and turkeys to pluck before the Indians arrive”
She laid out a bright red dress and yellow apron on a chair near me and motioned for me to put them on, and then she left.

I jumped up and threw the clothes on. They fit perfectly?

“1621? Did I just… Travel through time?”

Afternoon 12:45 PM
We cooked and cooked all morning. I thank mom for teaching me how to pluck a turkey and bake pies it would have been absolutely humiliating to burn a pie on this day the… the thanksgiving with the Native Americans.

 I barely even have time to write, as I speak Laurabelle is calling me to help her (Laurabelle is supposedly my older sister.)

it’s warm today the sun shines through the window where the pies are cooling it’s nice, but imagine what it would be like to be out here when they had the fever or when it’s terribly cold… I’m sorry Laurabelle is loosing her head screaming for me I should go.

Evening 7:50 PM 2012
It’s not fair all the Pilgrims, Indians, Laurabelle and my fake family got to go to the feast but me?… I return to my own time where we’re just returning from Grandpa and Grandma’s already finished the who meal so I just slaved all day and missed Thanksgiving meal in both times! Not only that, but my family seems to have no recollection that I wasn’t there. Mom says I ate twice as much as anyone so why should I be hungry? Why should I be hungry? She asks well I did just cook all day with only a bowl of oatmeal to sustain me so why shouldn’t I be?

Well Thanksgiving is ending now I suppose I’m thankful to be home.

Ariella Corden 
  Here's a picture I found in a magazine in an article about The Pilgrims and Thanksgiving in my time travel I was surprised to see that the clothing wasn't black and white as I was led to believe, but quite colorful.

Thank you for reading :)


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