Sunday, November 11, 2012

Written Sundays

Dear Readers, yep written SundayS you're guaranteed some written article today whether it's my fake newspaper, an Ariella Corden Journal entry, or maybe just a poem you're guaranteed some form of written work today :)

This is something that'll be popping up on Sundays mostly but also sometimes during the week it's the journal of my fictional character Ariella Corden and the strange things that pop up in her life.

This is my fake newspaper it's practical and poetical it contains fictional reports and interviews but occasionally a real interview may pop up  :) oh yeah and it'll probably have some poems.

That's all for now.
With Kindest Regards
 Poem Girl


  1. Sounds really awesome! Will be looking for your Sunday posts. :)

  2. Dear Abilaine,
    Yeah I hope they turn out all right :)
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl