Monday, November 26, 2012

Entry for Storytellers Contest

Yeah I entered a a story contest and here's my entry :)

                                                             The Wandering Forest Princess                                             
                       This is the first tale of the daring Princess Akira Rose, as told by the witness:                                                                       Mallory Satchel
This is what I witnessed while sitting up in a tree so thick with leaves that I was never seen…but I, I saw quite a lot.
“It’s only a little farther.”  She told herself as she journeyed through the mossy forest.
She picked up the long train of her glossy green dress and hurried farther her eyes glued forward.  Her name was Akira. She was a wondering forest princess she’d always wandered as long as anyone could remember going from one place to another.
Akira stopped suddenly and smoothed her gown. Sighing she pulled a bow from her shoulder and let an arrow fly it landed with a *thud* into a branch near the head of the enemy, and before he could turn around and see her she had grabbed hold of a branch and swung herself up into the trees. His face was white as sheet he gestured for more men to come to him.
“It’s…it’s her!” he stammered excitedly a taller man stepped forward he seemed to be the commander. “You did well boy.” He called more soldiers to him. For a moment Akira felt a trill of fear (I could see it in her eyes) but it quickly subsided, after all hadn’t she meant to miss him? Hadn’t she meant to alert them of her presence so she could get away? She nodded to herself and secured her bow once again. Meanwhile the soldier she had missed was examining the arrow that he had so narrowly escaped from. Akira climbed down from the tree behind him and picked up a small smooth stone and with one quick thrust she tossed it off far into the distance. It landed echoing in the abyss. The man dropped the arrow and shakily headed off in that direction. She grabbed it again and headed away.

I watched for awhile but she did not return though the soldiers did, and I quickly scurried away looking back, but if I was to see her again it wouldn’t be that day.

Note: Mallory Satchel was only seven when she witnessed this and as she grew older she saw Akira many more times. She spent many afternoons telling tales of the princess. 

                                                                              that's all for now


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  2. Dear Britt,
    Sorry I can't just give out my email address
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    You Could just put it on your designs page and I could
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      I replied to your comment on my blog, but I just waned to let you know I put the design up on my sample blog, let me know what you think. Here is the link-

  3. Thanks so much Britt I really like it!
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