Monday, November 5, 2012


Deat Readers, I regret to inform you that the internet over here is temporarily veeerrrrrrrrrrry slow I request your patience while this is so I hope to be up and running again soon oh and when that happens we'll have picture post week and maybe and I mean maybe chapter three of Cathrine Weatherbane.

With Kindest Regards and Deepest Apologies
  Poem Girl


  1. I just found your bog and I love it!
    Your header is so cool! I will be awaiting more of your delightful posts. :)


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  2. Abilaine,
    I love your name it's absolutely beautiful :)
    Thank you for following please continue to check this blog
    out I hope to maybe post some today if the Internets quick enough.
    Your Friend

  3. Oh! It is not my real name. It is only a nickname, I mean. :)
    My real name is Abigail and my second is Elaine. So one of our friends put two and two together (so to speak) and created the nickname Abilaine.