Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Summer Here

Hello Readers, It's me Summer Green! Poem Girl thought it would be sooo cool if I posted on here today and then Autumn and then Winter (That's Snow Whites real name but she doesn't like being called Winter White says it corny) :) Sooo Poem Girl requested a poem from me. I know it should be a winter one but winter's not my season ya know? Anyways here's a poem on Summer ;)

I sit one pleasant afternoon
beneath my favorite tree
A book upon my lap
Resting on my knee.

Wind blows a gentle breeze
Sweeping against the page 
I sigh content and read thus
For a moment I cease to age.

My eyes grow heavy
With the passing of time
The summer sun beats down
And I sleep till nine. 
~Summer Green 

   Thanks soooo much for reading :D

Note: Summer, Autumn, and Winter (the Characters) are all fictional in case you haven't already guessed yet  :)

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