Sunday, November 18, 2012

Written Sundays

Hello My Lovely Readers, and welcome to the first post of Written Sundays. I was going to post The Article today but since Storyteller is away I thought I'd wait. So we'll begin with...

                                                                          November 18, 2012                              
                                                                                  The Wreck

 Sunday Morning 8:30 AM

I woke up at 6: 30 and washed my hair a pretty ordinary beginning to what I suspected to be a normal Sunday but I was soon to realize it would be anything but normal or at least that’s what I would say if my life was a book. I ate breakfast and reached for my note pad and pencil and began jotting words down
“Hey Ari” “Hey dad” I whispered absently “how are you this morning” “good” he sighed “that’s good” I looked up “something bothering you dad?” “No not really just tired I suppose” I smiled went over to the counter and grabbed a mug filling it to the brim with steaming hot coffee “Here maybe this’ll wake you up” he took the mug gratefully
“Awi, Awi!” I turned my head to see my little sister Rosy running up to me glowing as bright as a candle “Hey there little sis” “Awi” she giggled “My, my why haven’t you put on your Sunday clothes yet?”
“Mommy said to ask you to” she jumped up into my lap looking into my eyes expectantly
“Well then what did you want to wear princess?” she grabbed my hand and led me to her room. Now I… Oh, no we’re late!

Sunday Afternoon 2:15 PM

Well I’m back again Church was good as always and Rosy sat on my lap the whole time listening intently. Afterwards she gave a summary of the sermon in her own little girl way she gave very good summaries for her age too. We went to McDonalds for Lunch and later dad said we’d never do it again
“All that fake meat’ll rot your innards” he stated seriously
“No daddy I like it.” Rosy was bouncing around in her seat. “Wanna see my Toy Awi?” She thrust a Dora doll on a plastic platform into my hands “She’s lovely” I handed the toy back. When we got home I snagged the lap top and started typing out on my story “Adventures of a Bookworm” but suddenly there was a screech followed by a loud bang from outside our apartment window I rushed over and looked out “Dad!” I screamed. “There’s been a wreck out there!” Dad ran out of the apartment and told me to stay inside. And now here I am I just had to write this all out I’m really worried about the person out there.

Sunday Evening 8:45 PM
The person out there in the wreck was Mrs. Winston thankfully she wasn’t hurt to bad and the man in the other car (I think his name was Carl Ernest) was okay too. Apparently Mr. Ernest had been checking his texts and didn’t see the red light and passing it he looked up and noticed Mrs. Winstons car a little to late and swerved to avoid hitting her clipping the left fender he’s paying to have it fixed. I need to get off now and get to bed thanks for reading :)

Ariella Corden 
With Kindest Regards
Poem Girl

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