Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Funnies

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Short Poem

A Summer Poem
Summer's caught in her eyes,
In her smiles, in her sighs
And everywhere she goes,
She flies. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

In Which I Talk About My Writing Progress

 Goodness Gracious has it happened again? I can't seem to quite remember what I was going to post about all I know is it was something about being on time and getting back to people... I got it!... I'll talk about my story writing progress!
I feel guilty I said I'd have Cathrine Weatherbane out soon and I even had lots of the new chapter written down but what to my surprise and dismay that the chapter didn't satisfy me and if it doesn't satisfy me than I know it won't satisfy others. You must understand that I like to feel what my chracters are feeling (I mean like as I write it. I want to get what's going on, on a more personal level) and if I don't well than I can tell my chapter is lacking I read it and reread it but still no dice it just didn't sit right with me and so goes the rewriting of chapter 19 does it always get so hard this close to the end...spoiler spoiler...yeah Cathrine Weatherbane is almost done I figure I'll try to make it to thirty chapters if I have to but my goal is 25 but we'll see. 
For Tales of a Wandering Forest Princess I'd say you may have to wait a little longer because my co-author is in the works of her chapter and than I have to write a follow up, but be assured it will be as speedy as is possible!

The Traveling Red Umbrella Girl was not a one time thing and whenever I want I can get going on that one of course if you guys want to be sure of a speedy arrival of that one you'll just have to tell me because I'm afraid on my own I probably won't get that done as soon as I might. 

Hmmm, pretty much the same rules that go for Tales of a Wandering Forest Princess apply to Silver Sunsets (Oh, you know Janna, Porsha, ect...)

As for the others....well we'll see what happens I'm trying to cut down so you can be sure soon you'll be seeing a poll for what you want me to keep and the stories with the least votes will get tossed aside! 
At least for now...they may be reused later.
Thanks so much for reading.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Problem with Escorts

By: Brittney
I snuck behind the castle and quickly ran past the stables until I reached the place where they kept and repaired the King’s carriages. As soon as I walked in I spotted a young man pounding away with a hammer at one of the Carriage’s wheels.
I smiled to myself and then called out, “Well hello Jasper! Isn’t it a lovely day?”
He looked up in surprise and banged his head on the carriage.
My hands flew to my mouth, “I – am-so-sorry!” I said, but I was also about to laugh.
He smiled, “I’m fine Janna,” He said rubbing his head. He stood up, wiped his greasy hands on his trousers and walked over to me.
“What are you doing here?” He asked lifting one eyebrow. His green eyes staring back at me.
“Well,” I said clearing my throat, “I’ve come to ask for a favor.”
“Uh, huh,” He said prodding me along.
“I was wondering if you could drive the carriage with princess Porsha in it pretending to go to the Queen’s estate but instead secretly turn around and drop her off at my house.” I said quickly and then I looked up at him and gave him a sly smile.
He snorted, “Have you lost your mind?” He asked.
“No,” I said still smiling.
“What about the guards that are required to protect the princess during her journey?”
I frowned; I hadn’t thought about that.
Jasper snorted, “Janna what are you trying to do now? Why on earth do you want the princess to go to your house? And why would she want to go there? and why…”
“Could you just hush?” I said, “I’m trying to think.”
Jasper just rolled his eyes.
“Look here,” He said, “I’m willing to help you with whatever you need, just because we’re friends. But putting your life, the princess’s, and mine in danger is stupid. If the king ever found out about this maniac idea he’d be sure to hang you, and me, also the princess.”
I gulped, “I’m sure there is some way!”
“Well,” He said turning back to his work, “You find a way to get rid of the guards and make the plan less dangerous and I’ll help you. But not until then.”
I sighed, “Well I guess I need to talk to Porsha about this! I’m sure she will come up with an idea…”

By: Me

I was just looking over some “engagement” presents from the prince with disgust when Janna returned panting to my room.
“Well, did he accept? Will he take us?”

 “Um…he says if we make it safer.”

“Safer?” I asked. “Safer, what does he mean by that?”

“Says….it’s still to risky if the king finds out he’ll  have our heads and war will be eminent.”

“Did you tell him about the letter signed by Lady Francis?”

“Noooooo, but I still think he’s right, because he also said that we’ll be expected to take escort guards and how on earth are we to get rid of a troupe of escort guards without arousing the kings suspicion!”

“Oh….I hadn’t thought of that.” I paused to think. “Is bribery possible?”

“No I wouldn’t try that they’re far to afraid of the king to betray him like that, besides they’d probably take the bribe and then sell us out to the king to get another reward.”

“Hmmm, that’s right. There’s nothing else for it then we’ll have to do…oh, goodness I can’t believe I’m saying this but we’ll just have to take them along.”

“WHAT! Are you joking that’s crazy we can’t take them with us they’ll betray us to the king!”

“Not necessarily. Do you have a brother.”

“Uh…yes a younger brother.”

“How old is he.”

“14 but he’s tall for his age, why?”

“Are his friends trustworthy do you think you could get them to come over this afternoon.”

“Yes but why.”

“Good than do we have any uniforms from Lady Francis’s palace.”

“Well I should think so they get their armor from here but what has this got to do with my brother and his friends.”

“Oh because Lady Francis has been so kind as to oblige us with escorts from her own palace so as not to disturb the king. Only three or four perhaps because we don’t want to make things to crowded two for the front two for the back. Walking yes walking will pass.”

“I’m still confused what are you planning.”

“Oh, Janna don’t you see you’re brothers will dress up like lady Francis’s guards who have come to escort me and the king won’t question it.”

Janna smiled. “Glad I didn’t have to plan out this whole thing. I’ll go tell my brother the  oh, and Jasper as well of course the plan if things are to work out we haven’t a moment to loose I’ll just slip this letter in with the royal mail before I ship off see you this afternoon.” Janna giggled waving the letter in the air as she rushed out. I smiled relieved and fell into my chair…a whole week of not having to worry about that prince!

Monday, June 24, 2013

*Half Smiles*

I am at a loss at this moment I was just sitting here with the computer on my lap thinking, "Okay, so I read all the unread posts in Google Reader I don't have any new emails and my music is still playing...I KNOW I'LL WRITE A BLOG POST!" that just about sums me up since the internet started working again I mean before when it didn't it seemed like I had a million things to do and no time to do them in and now it's my duty to catch up with my blogging again so why doesn't this apply first? Hmm old habits die hard I guess.

Those thoughts were followed up with, "So I'm on blogger what do I write...I KNOW I'LL WRITE ABOUT NOT KNOWING WHAT TO WRITE AND THEN DO POEMS AND UPDATES!" 
Don't you guys love how resourceful I am. Okay enough jokes now here's the poem.

Nothing seems to come to mind
So this is what I've got
A poem on confusion
And whatever else plus whatnot? 

Isn't it funny how I've made a poem when I can't think
Isn't it funny how that works
I assure you though it's not always like that
It's just sometimes I have those quirks.

Ever have a hard time trying to find a rhyme
For that thing you just wrote
I experience that pretty much always 
So I have those thoughts to tote.

That's the poem now the updates...

1. Thanks to a little push from a friend a sister and a little brainstorming there should be a new chapter to Cathrine Weatherbane and even perhaps one for The Traveling Red Umbrella Girl...and I'll get on the others as well if you tell me which ones you're anxious to see more of also I'm thinking on discontinuing a few of the others since I have so many stories that need my attention and yes even I can't take on ten stories at once.

2. I may possibly have a Character Quiz soon but to do that I need to know which book you guys would like to see a quiz for. Let me know in comments.

3. Would you guys like me to illustrate any of my books I could always try.

4. Any questions, reminders or other please let me know in comments. 

Thanks for your ever faithful patience.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Song #1

Song for Summer
 We could take a splash the pool or do a Photo Shoot
Grab a hotdog, get some lemonade
And find a hula-hoop
This summer we’re not gonna wade
We’re gonna take it full on
Enjoy this summer before it’s gone.

We could go on a road trip or just stay at home
Pack a suitcase, fill up the car
Who knows where we’ll roam
Let’s catch a star
We’ll make this summer last
Before it’s in the past.

I could visit the beach, walk barefoot in the sand
Catch music in my fingers
And create an imaginary band
With ten or twelve singers
All in hand.

For Him
I’d love to spend my summer singing praises
To the Lord on high
Thanking him for summer’s graces
For fireworks in the sky
I’d love to spend my summer for his glory
Thank the Lord for writing my story.

I may possibly write a few more since I have more Summer experiences I could put into poetry form but it's up to you guys :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pics from last Thursday

As promised here are the pic's from the photo shoot we had with our cousin last Thursday...I forgot about the ones we took over by the horses so you'll have to wait a little longer for those :-? aw well can't be helped.
Here they are...

Summer of 2013 

Taste of Danger Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Annoying Clues and Meeting Places

I KNEW IT! I knew he would pull something like that…I realize I’ve only known the guy for like a day so far but... I have very firm opinions of stranger people who mess with your life, get you in danger, Hide very important facts in cryptic poetry form, and even after they’ve realized they did all this to you, the wrong person…they don’t try to fix it!
Honestly I think I’m entitled to my behavior!

I’m sure you’re all wondering as much as I am what Mr. so and so (Mr. Harding) was up to, what could he possibly have that made the other guy (HIM?) want to find him? What was going on and where did This Garcia or rather I come into the picture? Well perhaps we’ll find out in this chapter.

I pull open my front door of my home and slam it shut ignoring the huge mess that had shall we say “appeared” in my absence. (You wouldn’t expect a ransacked house to look pleasant, cozy, and clean would you?) I rush over to the hidden panel that leads up to the attic throw it open and climb in. (The hadn’t discovered it thank goodness…I mean I wouldn’t have totally minded it if they had found the book because it probably would have meant that they’d then leave me alone but…that would leave me in the dark and believe me when you’re life is as boring as mine and you have a mystery weighing on your thoughts it’s hard to just let it slide…I of course would give the book to them (to spite what’s his face) but only after I’d read it first and figured it out…and maybe done a little investigating…WHAT I said my life was boring didn’t I! No that does not mean I’m thankful to what’s his face! What’s that you say? Am I going to keep calling Mr. Harding, What’s his face? Yes, yes I am. Huh, you think this is the longest monologue you’ve ever read and you want me to move on with the story? Well fine, have it your way, I’ll just keep quiet for a very, very long TIME!)

…..a VERY long time later…..

I hum as I find the book, slap it on the ground, and turn to page one.
I begin to read…

“In the mix
You’ve found some tricks
The ones you see
Two the others decree.”

I look to page two…

“Rabbit trails get you into trouble
Best be away on the double!”

More confused I turn to page three…

“(1)Hide my heart away.
(1)I cannot stay.
<3>I cannot fly.
<3>I cannot lie.
(1)Danger follows me.
{2}By the name of HIM or HE.
<3>Down deep, dusty, tired.
{2}Check the phone it’s probably wired.
<3> Nothing, nothing, black.
(1)Eternal danger I lack.
<3>Noteworthy adventures…

{2}Books are best left hidden in plain sight but be wary.
(1)Tomorrow I leave, never tarry.
<3>Secrets hide the most revealed.
(1)Hurts are something healed.
<3>Freedom is the price I pay.
{2}Don’t loose this book I say!
(1)Eat sparingly, speak plenty.

(1)Trust me!
(1)Really you must see.
<3>Rain has to fall.
{2}It’s important she’s never discovered.
(1)Use my words as you deem them.
{2}But I might mix you two up.
{2}Sorry if I have!
(1)Truly I’ve left off rhyming!
<3>Shame, shame terrible timing.
(1)Hopeless I am, why did you insist on poetry Gracia!
{2}Look at page 4…”

I knew that there was something in the one’s and the two’s somewhere in here but…the sentences themselves just seemed like gibberish and I didn’t understand which stuff I should take Stock in I mean it was obvious some of it was rabbit trails as mentioned in the poem before but…ack this was too confusing!
 Turn to page four…

“For advice seek 2’s
For instructions look to 1’s
I knew you’d soon see the sense in the fact
That this book is mostly just a waste of time
So if you want some more answers meet me in the park
On Tuesday at 3:00 pm, June 25’th.
Don’t be late!
Oh, and don’t loose the book I may have just mostly wasted your time and I’d say there’s no real loss to loose this book except…yeah this meeting place…it’s kind of something we don’t want to compromise because of…secrets….whatever I’ve been gentleman long enough just show up please Gracia.
Bring the book.”

Mr. Thomas Harding

 Well...sure looks like I’m going to have to meet with what’s his face again…goody, goody, joy is resonating from me…I just hope this is worth it.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Taste of Danger Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Work, Danger, Mr. Harding

Okay the only thing for it was to go to work….yes I know that was the exact opposite of what that guy had told me…but because I was so crazy scared I couldn’t think straight and all I wanted was for things to return to normal so for some reason my estranged mind told me my best chance for that was to go to work…and also BECAUSE I WANTED TO REBEL AGAINST THIS GUY WHO WAS A PERFECT STANGER AND HE HAD NO RIGHT TO BUT INTO MY NICE QUIET LIFE LIKE THAT!!!...Okay, okay calm down Korin it’s too late for that now, let’s just get into present tense mode so they know how that went for ya.

I shiver all over as I make my way to my desk and pull out a calculator staring at the buttons trying to forget everything that had just transpired…but to no avail I glance up at the clock it reads 8:30 am sharp I look down again at my hands and notice how sweaty my palms are suddenly it’s like that’s all that matters and I stare and stare at them rubbing away the moisture spreading it more…I return to my thoughts and again start wondering about Mr. Thomas Harding when I hear a loud *slap* as papers are thrust onto my desk. I look at them blankly then up at my boss Mr. Howard who frowns disapprovingly noticing how wet my hands are making his precious sums.

“Korin…is something wrong.” He says as he pries them from my fingers.
“NONSENSE!” I yell and then begin again in a quieter tone, “I’m perfectly fine.”
“Perhaps you should go home? You don’t seem well.”
“That’s what he wants me to do…only I mustn’t I don’t want any part of this, I’m not in any way apart of this thing! He can’t make me!”
“Ms. Lesley…are you sure you’re all right? Capable of working I mean?
“I can manage.” I say meekly trying to regain my composure.
“All right than as long as you can function.” He hands the papers back to me. “I need these finished by lunch and if you feel at all unwell please go home.” I nod and grab a pencil and soon I am to busy to think about my problems….but in moments I realize…I was stupid to come into work today.

A gun pokes into my back words simply cannot put together the terror of this moment…My mind fills with an intense feeling of dread and horror as he leans over and whispers for me to get up  and move towards the door…can this day get any worse! Somebody crashes through the office window…apparently it can…That GUY dashes forward from the remains of shattered glass all my co-workers scream in terror running all about and I see somebody grab a phone (I hope to call the police) He frowns, I close my eyes and the next thing I know I’m free of the guy with the gun and running for my life next to What’s his face (Mr. Harding) I’m not really glad to see him nor am I angry…well “very” angry but I follow him anyways eager to get away. As we fly through the office doors he says, “I thought I made it clear in my note that you shouldn’t come here!”  I roll my eyes.
“You aren’t my boss…How was I to know that this would happen!”
“I told you for your own sake don’t go to work!”
“Yeah well I’m not good at decoding poetry riddles.”
“IT WAS HARDLY A RIDDLE!” He yells. “Where’s the book is it safe?”
“Sure…why not I left it at home.”
“Weeeellllll, you never mentioned that in your warnings even once.”
He cries out in frustration. “I’d have thought you’d have be smarter than that, even if you aren’t really Gracia Winters!”
“I’ll thank you not to yell.” I reply.
“Well then, you should have been more careful to make sure I was actually your contact.”
“I’m sorry if I was to busy trying to escape for life that I didn’t have time to sort out all the details besides the fact that I asked you if you were her!”
“hmph…thanks for throwing my life to the wolves.”
“The books safe guy; stop loosing yourself.”
“Safe, how can you know that?”
“I put it in my secret attic.”
“Oh, well in that case…..” and ending on that note he takes off away from me.
“Where are you going!’ I yell after him.
“Keep the book safe…you’ll find the clues in it…first ones than twos haha.”
“Is this some kind of joke I told you I don’t do well with poetic riddles!”

And with that…he was…gone…again…HOW COULD HE!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hold on a second?

Day: May 13'th 2013
Time: 10:35 

How long has it been exactly? Since I made a my life post? A long time I suppose over three months I guess...hahaha I'm not entirely to blame for that, bad internet for a few months and just yesterday we had the guys come down to look at it...ooh sweet internet I'm so glad you're back! 

Yep so on Tuesday we went up to where my cousin Mandy lives (who by the way is awesome!)  and spent the day shopping at Antique stores with her afterwards we brought her down to our house where she still is just so you know, that was Tuesday, on Wednesday we went shopping at some of our local stores (Goodwill and Wal-mart) and got some really cute stuff followed up by returning home for treats, laughs, and a late night movie (at home) that was Wednesday, on Thursday (today) We has an extra special treat after spending part of the afternoon at another local store (where we once again got more cute stuff..ack this sounds like bragging or something.) We went down to our grandparents for...HORSE BACK RIDING!!!! It was major fun and we stayed for hours and the horses were finally content enough to go at faster paces (Trot, gallop, I can't remember what it's called) which made me smile so much I thought my face would crack (I love those horses!) Anyways that was today, Tomorrow we're going to babysit for two toddler twin girls (they're so cute!) which I'm also looking forward to and than much later in the afternoon we're either having friends over or going to my terribly awesome brothers house!

Side Notes: Yesterday I had a haircut, I started a Summer reading plan, and Today we had a photo to follow in a future post.

All for now :D 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Taste of Danger Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The Notes  

Perchance we meet
At Sunrises seat
All danger is lost to you.
Lest I not appear
Keep book in spite of fear
And in it find the clues you seek.
Best of luck to you
May your skies be blue
And bright hope in darkest peak.

P.S. Beware of HIM

I’d read that note several times that night and had only gotten a few hours of sleep for my effort while I could see that whatever the issue this all pointed to danger I couldn’t make heads or tails what danger…surely whatever the circumstances I wasn’t in danger I mean I wasn’t involved in it…whatever this guy was involved in I didn’t want anything to do with it, I would simply go to work as normal and pretend none of this ever happened; which is exactly what I did…more or less.


My silliness was the only reason I ended up keeping the book, choosing instead to put it in the back of my hidden attic and forget about it. I left promptly for the bus station and before long I had forgotten about the book and was going over some sums in my head (I was an accountant) when I sat down on my regular seat on the bus (you know the one)
I heard the driver call me up I sighed and leaving my bag on the seat I made my way forward suddenly a noise behind me caused me to turn round where I saw…

“HEY!” A man was rifling through my bag he snarled at me as he grabbed the bag and rushed out of the bus I groaned; not again and not while I was about to leave for work oh, why me. I jumped out after him and would have gained on I’m too if he hadn’t of had the advantage of a head start and longer legs. Angrily I stumbled forward hoping, praying that the man ahead of me would run into something very hard. The man looked back at me and flashed a cruel grin only to find that when he looked forward again the bag was gone…it had flown from his hands and landed right between us, we both paused momentarily and then…rushed forward madly, I was able to make it there first I grabbed my bag and took off towards a crowd where I lost him.

When I reach the next stop for my bus I re-board and sit down…and looking out the window I notice…the sun is just almost halfway into the sky and suddenly I remember… I visibly shiver when I see the familiar black coat and fedora disappearing from the bus…I gasp my hands clutch into fists as I jump up but that bus starts again as is the way of my life. I look out my window and stare at him he turns around and tips his fedora to me, points to his wristwatch and shrugs before walking away. I just stare off as him even as the bus speeds up and I stumble and fall to my knees and see…another note on my seat.  

Couldn’t wait, couldn’t stay
Danger could not be kept at bay
It followed me here
I’m sorry my dear.
Couldn’t be helped, Cannot be controlled
Look in the book, be ever so bold
Seek out the clues
First one’s than two’s.
I’m sure you’re confused, I’m sure you’re perplexed
Maybe even slightly vexed
I did not know you were not her
I failed to note your sarcastics I’m sure.
In future don’t lead me on, don’t assume I’ll know
For your own sake you must not to work go
I’ll help whenever I may
But for now, be on your way.

Mr. Thomas. Harding

Okay…now I was really upset!



Contest Time!!!!
I saw that contests were pretty popular on the the polls so I decided why not have one!

The book you're to make a cover for is called...

Taste of Danger
By Sarah. PG

Summary: Korin has a fairly simple live, well planned out, a respectable job, and absolutely no out of  the ordinary experiences. So it's quite a surprise to her when after she meets a strange gentleman named 
Mr. Thomas Harding she suddenly finds herself knee deep in adventure, intrigue, mystery, and most of all DANGER and at the center of it lies a book and a series of notes written in poetry form. All Korin wants is to return to her normal life...but that just doesn't look possible.

I want the book to feature some sort of action series (not fighting) perhaps a chase with the above title. 

Contest number #2!

For this one find a picture you like or totally make your own postcard put on a fake address design your stamp and mail her off into this contest by posting a link to it in comments.


*Mandatory Rules for Both Contests!*
1. Put a link to this post on your entry post
2.  Give me the link to your entry in comments
3. You may have as many as two entries per contest
4. Hug somebody (just kidding)

*Due Date for Both Contests.*

Feel free to enter one or both of the contests, I can't wait to see the entries!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Taste of Danger Chapter 1

Me: This book features Korin (Kara from Saved by Grace's sister)
as the main character because I was rather short handed on stories to put her in so therefore she has become the heroine of this one :D oh yeah and Korin was the second place winner of the Art contest :) this was what she picked.

I could feel my heart beating several hundred beats too fast while I raced along the countryside my legs whirling so fast they might have stumbled and sent me sprawling if I hadn’t been so set upon getting away from my pursuer…only a little while ago I’d just been a normal girl in her early twenty’s but that was before I met Mr. Thomas Harding a guy with a taste for danger, who unknowingly placed me in danger by making one small slip up on a bus.

Now here I was, my life in peril…you might ask what Harding could have possibly done to endanger me so, well to answer that I’d have to rewind back two days ago. 

Chapter 1
 I took my usual seat at the back of the bus, heading home on a chilly Thursday evening with my bag on my lap I quietly closed my eyes after the final boarding call was made and laid back as the bus started to move but before I could get too comfortable a man called out and the bus screeched to a halt I clutched my bag tightly as I flew forward…couldn’t he have stopped a little smoother? The man boarded and shoved all the way to the back and sat down next to me I tried to ignore him…he didn’t seem to want to be ignored.

“Hello darling, did you miss me.”
“Excuse me?”
“Please darling, I know I’m late but I couldn’t help it.” And than in a whisper, “He has escaped…I couldn’t shake him he’s looking for me.”
“Wait…are you not…” He leans over and whispers again, “Gracia Winters?”
I give him a look. “Yes of course I’m ‘her’ I was just trying to look casual.” I whisper back my voice dripping in sarcastic tones.
He nods’. “I thought so…here.” He hands me a book. “I’ll be around…you will hear from me again.” Without further ado he gets up and I finally realize the bus has stopped before I can get up and correct the guy he leaves and the bus starts up again.
“Wait!” I shout and the driver stops and opens the door. I rush out hurriedly tucking the book in my purse. I see the black of his coat disappearing around a corner and I rush ahead towards it but when I get there he is nowhere to be found. Confused and very far from my destination I turn around make my way back towards the bus stop and sit down.
My bag hits me with a thump as I try to get comfortable and I remember the book I pull it out and open it inside is a note and a name,


oh and by the way the names...Lesley, Korin Lesley

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Interview with Bethany

I got the chance to interview one of my friends for the blog recently. Her family are missionaries in India so I don't get to see her much but she'll be visiting in a few weeks so I'm really excited!

Without further ado here's her answers...

"My name is Bethany and I am a PK and Missionary's' kid. What inspires me is the need, the need for the gospel and especially the need for love. 
My hobbies are reading, and doing creative things, such as making cards, decorating stuff, drawing, painting, etc. I also like watching movies but only if they're really good and worth watching. 

My father started a ministry in India which has now spread all over the world. It includes church planting, bible schools, children homes, hospitals, schools, nursing schools, over 300 own churches ( not including churches started by pastors we trained, if included we would have 5-6 thousand churches ), etc.

 I have two brothers and one sister, the sister and one of the brothers being half. They each have two kids with my sister-in-law pregnant. 
When I grow up I don’t wanna just live my life then slip away. I wanna make a difference. I want to be in full-time ministry, doing what we are on earth to do. I don't have a favorite book or bible verse. I don’t have many favorite anythings, how can you even choose out of so many nice choices? Living in India is like standing at the battle front. It is so much different from the West. But I like it because it reminds us what we are here on earth for. In the West there are so many  distractions and comfortableness. It feels fake to me. India needs God and I plan to do something about that.

God Bless"
 Bethany's Family have a site that shares a little more about the ministry if you want to go check it out click here --->Love-n-Care Ministries International

All for now.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Authors Club :D

A blog I started with a couple of friends...we're just starting off and stuff so it might be a little rough but I think it'll go great! Here's the link --->
Oh, yeah and in case any of you were wondering Storyteller designed this gorgeous header for me :D 
You can tell by her very specific and unique style (I love it)